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Go over the little table and type "Get Candle". With VGA graphics out, the graphics were nowhere near superb, but they were still enjoyable and colorful; I really like them.

Hugo dances around the jailroom in happiness and cuts Penelope loose from the ropes. Walk up to him and bribe him by typing "Give Gold to Guard". You can't get in the boat, however, because there is a hole in the bottom of it.

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Now go out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Some interesting guests are eating at the table; including a male and female vampire, a ghoul, a were-wolf, Frankenstein, and an alien.

He won't let you get out of the boat. He will ask you to step into the big red machine. Now "Get in the Boat" and type "Push Boat".

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Go back into the machine and type this: Now type "Open Pumpkin". You are now in the garden. If you look through the door, you'll be able to see Penelope, tied up and frightened. Leave and walk back to the kitchen.

Hugo's House of Horrors online

The only significant thing in the bathroom is the mirror, which has the numbers '' painted on seznamka flirtatious. Anyways, you'll see that two of the large rocks are right next to eachother.

Plot[ edit ] In the game, the player controls the protagonist, Hugo, who has come to a haunted house to look for his girlfriend Penelope, who hasn't been seen since she went to babysit there. You'll be shrunken to a smaller size.

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Now type "Open Trapdoor". Rumor has it the house that she visited is haunted, as well. Now you may leave the room Now you'll be in the kitchen.

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However, it's not ready to be opened yet. Type "Plug Hole with Bung".

House of Horror

Bung - A rubber cork-like thing that can plug holes of nearly any size Now go up the stairs and into the door on the far-right. He walks out of the room and decides to take a nap.

You'll be in the lab, now. The boat will start sailing away, and towards the Old Man. Gameplay[ edit ] The player moves Hugo around by using the arrow keys on the keyboard, and controls his actions by entering commands on the keyboard or, in the later-released Windows version, one can use the mouse.

Mask - Apparently it's supposed to look like a monkey, but that definitely isn't obivious. Walk into the cave between the two rocks just to the left of the door.

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A Guard is standing watch over Penelope. Type "Get Oil Can". Not in a wardrobe A: Let the Dog Eat You - Uhh Walk over to the key and type "Get Key".

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Walk up to it and type: The premise bears similarity to LucasFilm Games ' Maniac Mansionreleased inwhere the main character enters a mansion in order to rescue his girlfriend from a mad scientist. Now you can no longer balance. There are no sound effects in this game. He'll mistakenly press the yellow button, and you'll go all crazy and stuff.

Type "Get Whistle" and "Get Knife".

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The door will open, and Hugo can climb down Keep the text on the prompt, and then walk into the passage to the left.

Type "Put on Mask" and go through the passage to the right. Walk over to the area near the window, so that you can just barely see the edge of your body through the window. You'll be in a room with a large brown dog charging towards you.

Inside the main hallway, you'll immediately see a professor walking up the stairs and into his laboratory. Follow the arrows in the picture above to lure the mummy around the rock to the right side of the screen.

House of Horrors Game

The rope is tied up in a tricky knot. Go through the left door and when the dog attacks press enter to throw the chop. LOOK to see a mask on the ground. Type "Talk to Man". Walk over to the shed, and when asked the code, type "". As some frantic music plays, the Mummy will arise from its tomb and start running towards you.

Go into the Dining Room without your Mask - The Butler will chop your head off after he realizes that you aren't one of the guests. Stand atop this half and type "Lift Rug".

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It is bolted shut. The boat will detach from the rope. You are apparently needed to help conduct his experiment he has been working on. On your side of the shore, there is a boat attached to a rope. Walk into the house.

Now you can go and "Unlock the Door", and the "Open the Door". Go through the door to the right to the dining room. There are two doors to your left.

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The rug will be unrolled to reveal a small trapdoor beneath.