Wedding Pics: Jay Soni and Pooja Shah Wedding Pics: Jay Soni and Pooja Shah

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Love Story Of Jay Soni And Pooja Shah Tells That Pyaar Happens In Arranged Marriages Too

He still celebrates and cherishes this significant day. Now you can download BollywoodShaadis app and never miss a story. Though it was for a fraction of seconds, he felt like his world has collapsed.

But then I showed her the little gifts that I had got for her. After some time, Pooja came up to me and said she was headed for the deck and left without me saying anything.

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As their romantic journey began, Jay shared one of his best and emotional moments which he shall never forget. Like engagement, wedding too was a celebration of close friends and family members.

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Jay looks back at the time and shared in an interview about being stuck at the airport due to the flight delay. I also want to settle down and career will take its own natural course. Jay shared the incident: We need to confirm your email address.

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The stunning D-day After the courtship of four months, the couple exchanged their vows on February 18, Plenty of blessings to the couple who is enjoying the matrimony bliss as a result of the traditional marriage. There were so many incidents; it was a total adventure of a honeymoon. However, celebrities from the telly world were invited to grace the sacred event.

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Temper tantrums advertisement No matter how much they love each other; a husband-wife's story is never complete without a fight. The girls were asked to answer three things without which they cannot live and for Pooja, it was her engagement ring.

The honeymoon couple was travelling from Barcelona to Ibiza where the flight got held up and the couple passed the night sleeping. Like any other couple, Jay and Pooja too were in the heat of the moment on their honeymoon.

Happy memories For sure the couple must be having many but there is one incident from their honeymoon which is etched in their minds and has become a memory.

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There was a confusion and the arguments came out of nowhere. In fact, they have set an amazing example for those who think arranged marriages are boring and unsuccessful.

There was a prank where he was told that the bus which had Pooja in it was set on fire.

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