Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 20 – The Reunion Part 2 – Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 20 – The Reunion Part 2 –

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Skinnygirl cocktail creator Bethenny Frankel is one of the most popular housewives. The Real Housewives of Tim rogers singles dating Loading Kandi was never the one who focused on it or kept bringing it up, everyone else did but somehow Kandi haters cnt seem to distinguish that fact…or just dont want to bc hating is their thing and it makes them feel better to talk about someone who is doing way better than they are and prob ever will do.

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Why do yall act like shes not allowed to be hurt?? The moment Kandi finally sticks to it so will everyone else. Ironically, Kenya is campaigning for a ring, an elopement, marriage.

So ya it wa tiring watching Porsha carry on apologising and Kandi giving her one word answers each time, then shading Porsha anytime she could, all the while trying to act like she was so graceful about the situation.

She even made a joke out of it in her confessional.

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One source of speculation arose during the fifth season, when Kenya Moore allegedly requested that Walter Jackson pretend to be her boyfriend; series producers were reportedly unaware of said arrangement. Three of them all have names that start with the letter S, presumably because of their dad, Simon Barney.

But Tyrone fulfills me more than any man has. Heather Dubrow and her plastic surgeon husband, Terry Dubrow, have four children with great names: Like it was pathetic watching her try to hint she wanted a girl experience but fail every time to just say it.

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It went on all seasonit was just not necessary. Then Kenya moves on to a completely random guy. Not to mention that Porsha was mad at Kando for something Kandi didnt even do.

Thats why I say theyre unauthenticated and it still makes no difference in her being a paid whore.

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Shannon Beador joined the cast in Season 9 and has three children with trendy names: Manhattan socialite Dorinda Medley has one daughter with the cute name of Hannah. No context given, could have been a joke, never that Kandi did it, was seriously considering it nothing, just that she said she wanted to.

Porsha, 36, met with a dating agency who toured her house - and joked at seeing she already had children's rooms and a playground in her garden: I think that Kenya needed to be cast off of the show from the very first season she appeared. After a relaxing evening, Phaedra is pushed to the limits when Kenya once again flirts with Apollo, and to make matters worse, NeNe hops in and says Apollo has a teeny weeny.

Phaedra arranges for the gang to have a troupe of dancers perform a routine that looks like it belongs in a strip club.

Porsha Williams

Two women from a dating agency came out to help Porsha Playground ready: She also has a year-old son named Ryan. Keep that evil, deceitful bitch where she is. For ppl to keep blaming her for it being brought up, its just seems like a hater bc u can watch the whole season again and see that its the rest of the cast bringing it up.

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Kenya decides to scare the crap out of everyone by taking the wheel and speeding the whole crew across the water. The only person owed an apology was Kandi. Peter invites the new friend and her husband on the planned couples trip.

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I'm taking a chance on love. Moore commented that such claims were "completely false", and further "[urged] viewers to stay tuned because the truth will come to light. She thought her lil half assed, disingenuous apology would suffice and Kandi wasnt buying it.

Porsha Williams earlier asked Sheree if she was already married Life coach: Despite her busy workload, Porsha makes it a priority to remain heavily involved in her various charity partnerships.

I didn't know she was an interrogation officer in a past life, girl!

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I pray that Andy rips the peach out of her hands and sends her to go deal with her false reality with her rent-a-friend. But then you don't want to have sex too early Porsha was ready to double her fertility trouble as she revealed that she would do anything to have twins.

Thanks for stopping by studdling… EffU Nah.

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Phaedra Parks has two sons with the cool names of Ayden and Dylan. Real Housewives Of Atlanta: