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But even though it was all in her head, she still feels the desire to go to the rendezvous anyway. But how could he possibly have made that journey in mere days?

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How can her dream-invented person be more educated than she is? Soo-kyung enters the bathroom and finds Hee-jin crying like a lost child, wondering how this mess came to be. A short time has passed, and Hee-jin is making regular visits with a psychiatrist regarding her memories.


Physically disappearing at will? She perks up—could it be…? When Dong-min rejoins her, Hee-jin is well on her way to a panic attack. He takes the role of a concerned friend humoring the mentally unstable patient, assuring her that he just wants to confirm the details.

In the event he lost it at home, he sends Han-dong to scour the household. Boong-do repeats that strange phrase and figures that he really must have traveled somewhere, like Han-dong has been insisting all along.

In any case the headache distracts her, and to avoid rear-ending a car, Hee-jin swerves and hits a tree.


She lets him escort her away, looking crushed all the while. Dong-min plays along, but takes her doctor aside to consult about her obviously mixed-up mental state.

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She flinches when he reaches for her hand, and jerks back when he starts to cup her face in concern. Boong-do and his entourage of guards arrive in Hanyang, where Han-dong warns him again not to tell a single soul that he wears a fake topknot.

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Hee-jin worries about causing yet more problems for the drama production, as she tells Soo-kyung over the phone. He tells Boong-do to ask Yoon-wol, who knows all about the talisman. An accompanying photograph jogs her memory: I love when separations are handled well, since I suppose they so rarely are.

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Ja-soo also reports that Boong-do lost his memory a few days ago. You guys are killing me with the spoilers.

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Or is it the opposite, that she wants more for herself? Hee-jin arrives at the meeting spot in the park and waits, fidgeting nervously.

Boong-do laughs it off, but Han-dong launches into a hilarious lecture, insisting that nobody must find out. Soo-kyung suggests that she dreamed it, but Hee-jin says she remembers everything in minute detail, spanning the entire past month.

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Hee-jin tells her doctor that she still feels awkward, but these new memories are slowly coming back to her. One day it had gone missing, everybody had scoured the home, to no avail. The drama had proceeded without a hitch, and Hee-jin had scored a CF.

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Hee-jin scrolls through her phone, telling herself it makes no sense that she would call Dong-min so much. Then, Dong-min pestered her daily on the drama set to get back together, even kneeling in apology for his past wrongs and begging for another chance.

Then, with no warning it suddenly reappeared days later. Thanks to everyone in advance! The doctor tells her to go ahead, however, saying that it will help set things straight.

Queen In-Hyun's Man

As we saw in the previous episode, Hee-jin wakes up in great spirits the morning after the car kiss. Confused, she shoves him off her and slaps him. The topknot is an emblem of his noble status, so it would be pretty shocking for others to learn he cut it off.

And then the umbrella tilts up: