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Simplynessa15 wiki, career, fashion and beauty tips, YouTuber, relationship, net worth, ethnicity, bisexual At the Vidcon, Ricky Dillon met and came to know other YouTubers.

Ricky Dillon

He was in partnership with Fullscreen and has been with them during their Tour Festivals. He uploads original songs and music videos and covers on his channel. He also appeared in The Soup Investigates and Awesomeness in He has ricky dillon dating a book named Follow Me: He started another channel called RickyD Vlogs for vlogging.

His earnings, salary, and net worth are not available right now but we are sure enough that he has a net worth of million dollars. He has two older sisters who are named Tara and Lexi. Ricky Dillon has also uploaded a few music covers and original songs.

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This channel had a steep rise to fame and within 6 months had followers. He has also released his own singles and EPs. They went on tour and had a collection of chirp me dating 2. Ricky Dillon has the height of 5 feet 7 inch but his exact weight is disclosed.

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A Memoir in Challenges where he invites the reader to join him on a series of challenges and change your life for the better. Over his five years on YouTube, he ricky dillon dating more than million views on his videos and has over 2.

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He uploaded more than videos on this channel but deleted it later on. His family moved out to Tuscumbia, Alabama when he was one year old. He used to post music videos first but later on, Ricky posted varied types of videos once a week.

Ricky Dillon

His fans are just waiting for his announcement about him involved in a relationship. YouTube Ricky with sister Ricky also used to like and play tennis. The single, Ordinary peaked at no.

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He has also associated with other YouTubers for his videos. Till now he has never announced about himself dating anyone which means he is currently single.


After uploading a few videos together on their common channel, they later separated and set up their own individual channels. His channel gained popularity as his videos were liked by many viewers. But as the YouTubers got busy with their other schedules and work, they could not find to make videos for this channel and it went inactive.

Ricky Dillon enrolled for studying film at the Auburn University but after three years he called it quits. Dillon is active on many sites including facebook, Instagram, and twitter.

Since there were many rumors about him dating other fellow female YouTubers and having a girlfriend but it was never confirmed.

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Ricky Dillon is quite sensitive to unnecessary hate tweets and trolls. On this channel, he would talk about his daily activities and also behind the scenes making of his videos. He has over 2. Ricky prefers decent and good internet content.

Dillon attended Colbert Heights High School and attended college at Auburn University where he studied film but dropped out after three years. On 15th Januaryhe released his debut album called Gold.

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Ricky did schooling from Hoover High School. When Ricky was 1 year old, his family moved to Tuscumbia, Alabama.

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Ricky's birth sign is Aries. Dillon released his debut album, Gold on January 15,where he has also featured Trevor Moran and in his another single, Problematic features Snoop Dogg.

We can have a look in his in and out life from YouTube through this book. His first appearance at YouTubers React was on 2nd October He was active in extra-curricular activities and had taken part in marching with the band.

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He learned to play the trumpet and was also interested in music and singing. He has also worked for Fullscreen. He is greatly influenced by Demi Lovato. He played characters in some TV films. His channel now has more than 3.