Roland - OCTA-CAPTURE | Hi-Speed USB Audio Interface Roland - OCTA-CAPTURE | Hi-Speed USB Audio Interface

Roland octa capture hook up diagram, technology overview

Serving up bit floating point PCM audio at sample rates up to I use as little ratio for the compressor but I mainly use the gate to quiet the noisy guitar.

The Roland manual roland octa capture hook up diagram that there are "audio outs" in the rear of the unit - they are. Both analogue inputs feed into VS Preamps see below for a full explanationand the time-saving Auto-Sens system analyses incoming signals and automatically sets optimum input levels for you.

Behind the Gear

My Ninja blender wont turn on, power button keeps blinking red. What this means to musicians is that this simple design ensures a stronger, hotter current draw with audio performance that tends to have more sonic detail and less distortion.

The VS Streaming driver keeps latencies super low, and four output modes cater to various monitoring and playback scenarios, including routing separate signals to each output — laptop DJs take note! View online or download 1 Manuals for It made a little noise when starting and saving.

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OCTA-CAPTURE also features independent compressors on its eight analog inputs to control the dynamics of difficult sound sources, ensuring solid recordings with clear sound and consistent levels. I have i like bread flirting quotes reading the manual and.

This results in jitter time-based fluctuations of the clockwhich in turn destabilizes the flow of audio data, resulting in latency and unclear sound. Doc - Hoover Quest App Document 3 months ago Now it is simple to start, stop, direct or dock your automated vacuum cleaner from your phone.

If input levels are too high, the sound will distort; if levels are too low, you lose the advantage of the excellent resolution afforded by digital recording, and the sound suffers from signal-to-noise ratio deterioration. Find the right plan for your next woodworking project. Editing on the host Mac or PC is possible as well, of course, using the Control Panel software, with which you can also set up four simultaneous monitor mixes; and Auto-Sens is on hand for automatic setting of input gains.

Roland UA-1010 overview

When you build it, simply make the main table This is a legal agreement between you an individual or a corporation and Roland Corporation herein referred to as "Roland" regarding the usage of this software product herein referred to as "SOFTWARE". You can even hook up 2 units so it's great in case you need to expand in the future You are right my friend.

You shall not use the remaining form s of media on another computer. Multiple input channels can be selected directly from the front panel for collective adjustment of their VS Preamp settings via the rotary encoder and LCD display, and metering is supplied in the form of segmented LED strips for each channel.

Needless to say, wiring runs have been significantly reduced. The following examples illustrate the. I tried using the gate on my E-MU m and it never sounded good. The foregoing provision is effective even if Roland Corporation has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

This revolutionary function is a real time-saver in recording sessions where setup time is limited. I'm not having any difficulty at all recording. Auto-Sens is onboard, for automatic input gain setting, and with up to four separate Direct Mixer setups available at once, you can send a different monitor mix to each analogue output pair.

ROLAND Octa-Capture vs. REAPER - Cockos Incorporated Forums

The Hoover Quest is the first robot vacuum from a well-known vacuum manufacturer. This reduces jitter and results in rock-solid performance that is not affected by PC performance or operating conditions.

Humans, you people are crazy. This manual may not be an original minted format, although Originally Supplied by the manufacturer. Sign up to receive email notifications about Roland recording gear, events, and promotions: This results in an optimized buffer size, achieving latencies as low as 48 samples at Not a huge deal but it would be nice to do it on the UI in control panel.

These meters allow you to make fine adjustments to your input levels, with a peak-hold function for checking peak levels on all channels at once. Which of the following is not one of the three principle components of criminology. Meticulous attention to detail OCTA-CAPTURE features a high-performance headphone output with refined circuitry, providing superb sound quality that will serve you well not only during recording, but also for making final sound choices in the mixing process.

I don't monitor what I'm doing from Sonar, just from the OC itself. In addition to Manual mode, where the DSP begins analyzing when you press the button and stops when you press it again, you can also define a preset analysis time of 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes.

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Controlling jitter ensures a stable flow of audio data, and the buffer size can be optimized to reduce latency to a minimum.


In no event shall Roland be liable to end-users for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to financial damages for any loss of profits or information arising from the use of, or inability to use this product.

I would highly recommend it to anyone that needs a solid usb soundcard with 8 analog ins and ouds, as well as spidif.

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Each board has its own power supply, which helps reduce noise and keeps crosstalk to a minimum. NO WARRANTY Roland makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, with respect to any of the software, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Also discover unlimited ebooks, movies, games and music directly from your devices PC, Mac, Mobile, etc.

Further information

On a core i7 laptop with 8 gigs of ram, i was getting crackling at even large latency settings. I thought the microbook was sleek and nice with 4 inputs 2 pres, 2 line levels so i could bypass the pres if needed, so i bought it.

So far, it is totally rock solid on windows 7. You can provide four independent latency-free mixes for performers, with different source volumes and dry-wet balances to suit the preferences of each musician.

Switching between the various ins and outs, and setting levels, is done using the illuminated, recessed buttons and LED-collared multi-function knob, and visual feedback is provided by a pair of smooth, responsive level meters.

Volume levels in both directions are adjustable on the interface itself using the two sliders on the top surface, which are topped off with Peak LEDs for alerting you to overly high levels. Recording and playback are at bit quality, with a choice of Comparison of jitter The horizontal axis of the graph shows the reference value for measurements, with 0 nsec at the center to show the degree of jitter clock fluctuation on the scales to the left and right.

Roland OCTA-CAPTURE Technology Overview

All of these parameters are controlled digitally with the built-in DSP, reducing the amount of analog circuitry not related to amplification, and therefore minimizing unnecessary variations in sound.

VS Preamps feature a rich array of premium components that help maintain the purity and transparency of the sound, including radial capacitors designed specifically for audio applications. I never used it. I don't like that all the features are not available from the UI in the control panel.

You may download or read the document online from our comprehensive library. The foregoing provision is effective even if Roland has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

The routing capabilities for cue mixes is probably better than anything out there. I decided to try the octa-capture worse case, i can always bring it back.

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Only diffrence is the capacitors used in signal path nothing more You can't record it but for tracking, it's very good.