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That factor is the Darwinist education still being provided in schools. What propelled him to carry out that bloody attack and then commit suicide? Natural selection is a concept on which Charles Darwin based his theory of evolution, and is an expression of weaker animals being buy dating site profiles by stronger ones in the struggle for survival.

However, one of these videos was particularly noteworthy in terms of the light it shed on the motif behind that violence. Because it described human beings as the result of natural events devoid of any consciousness and since it is satu kalmi ihookup based on violence, natural selection was to become the indispensable foundation for both atheist philosophies and violent ideologies and movements.

However, he was in no mood to listen to her. Auvinen had posted videos on various sites employing different user names. On 7 November,he left his home for the Jokela High School in the town of Tuusula, 43 kilometres from Helsinki, as he did on every other school day. Animals die all the time.

All of the society shall fall. Natural selection also appears before us in the Jokela High School massacre.

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For that reason, those responsible for education policies must realize that Darwinist education will create militants who will one day point their guns at their own heads.

He advised satu kalmi ihookup not to show the book to any of her friends, for fear of contaminating them with the same nihilistic pessimism. Students in the USA and Europe are taught the nonsense that life on Earth began spontaneously and that human beings are an advanced form of ape that emerged by way of natural selection, as if these things were scientific fact.

What was the hatred that led him to kill his fellow students without batting an eyelid? Humans are the worst animals on the planet. They must therefore adjust the curriculum accordingly and ensure that young people are made aware of the scientific collapse of Darwinism and of its ideological underpinnings.

Shortly after the police surrounding the building had entered inside they found Auvinen in the toilets, where he had committed suicide. The dictators who sent millions to their deaths during the Second World War regarded war as a requirement of natural selection, and make a great many references to Darwinism in their propaganda.

Therefore, although the attackers were school students, in effect the schools were themselves responsible. Auvin hammered on classroom doors, telling students to rebel against the school administration. The death toll from that bloody assault was 9, consisting of 7 students, including Auvinen himself, and the 2 school employees, with another 11 people injured.

What is more, it is not the only such example.

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This is your own life. Auvinen set out his ideas on life and human beings prior to the attack in files published on a number of internet video sites. Auvinen had begun firing at random at students in the main entrance to the school building.

The Jokela and Columbine killers were people who had received this Darwinist education provided in Western society. We were made that way now we just screw everything up and pollute the Earth that birthed us.

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That is what should happen. The Jokela High School Massacre: A teacher from a distant country wrote to me reproachfully that a pupil had come to him in tears after reading the same book, because it had persuaded her that life was empty and purposeless.

It is just all natural, not a big deal. There was nothing surprising in an individual so prone to violence carrying out such a bloody killing.

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Others have asked me how I can bear to get up in the mornings. The whole world is screwed. We humans came up with a screwed up society. The weak should die while the strong live.

Even leading atheist Darwinists admit this negative state of mind to which Darwinism leads. The facts about the person who committed that attack that stunned all Finland soon began to emerge. Auvinen killed the year-old nurse and then entered the main building. Itis survival of the fittest, natural selection.