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His expectations were met - the book became an instant hit.

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Directed by Yann Gozlan. Lucky for him, Mathieu possesses at least one of the qualities of a great novelist: Would the Mathieu give up the dream, which is just beginning to come true?

A Perfect Man (Un homme idéal) Full Movie

Executive producer, Oury Milshtein. After reading written in the battered notebook, Mathieu realizes that before him the next bestseller. The protagonist of the thriller The Perfect Man does not give empty dreams - he already has a manuscript, which he sent to all the major publishers.

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Without thinking, man arrogates to itself the thoughts of others, and publishes books under its own name. Luckier still, said manuscript happens to be the diary of a French soldier who fought in Algeria, now dead, so no one should be showing up to claim it anytime soon.

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Then again, it beats emptying garbage cans. Mathieu and Alice are now a couple. Nicki Minaj's 'Queen' To his credit, Mathieu has made it far closer to his goals than many who call themselves writers.

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For those willing to cut the poor sop some slack, his earlier deception was a victimless crime, but now, in deep and unable to write a word, he finds himself resorting to robbery, murder and, perhaps most unforgivably, gross violations of plausibility. Just like that, it seems the script which incredibly took three writers to pull together has conveniently skipped over the tricky details, rejoining Mathieu as he attempts to maintain his shaky facade.

More Reviews Album Review: Blackmailer demands from the hero's only one thing - that he admitted that he is not a real author.

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But unfortunately, all the publishers refused to publish Mathieu calling draft dramatic enough. But Mathieu triumph did not last long - soon associated with it a stranger who claims to know the story of the origin of the manuscript. Hero is on the verge of despair, but when he finds a diary during the Second World War, owned by an anonymous soldier in the head immediately arises the problem.

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The writer once there is a large army of fans - he gets what so long dreamed of: Cleaning up at a local college, Mathieu eavesdrops on a lecture by pretty young lit scholar Alice Fursac Ana Girardotdaydreaming how it would feel to have his artistic intentions analyzed in this way.

Now a rising star, Niney convincingly slips back into the skin of an insecure outsider: