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Year AD. This was the type of coin was that Judas was given, right out of the Temple treasury.

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Dated Year 51 BC. We've seen a few MS shekels for sale, but, although tempted, we just couldn't cash in our kid's college funds to buy one. For shekel's of Tyre, rarity depends on how many shekels of that date are known to still exist.

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To think that was over 2, years ago often boggles my mind. Dated Year 33 BC. Choice; lightly iridescent "rainbow" toning on both sides. Reproduction without permission is prohibited.

VF, toned, obverse off center.

Shekels and Half-Shekels of Tyre

Why do we hear about money changers at the Temple? Excellent portrait, light scratch at VF, toned, some light scratches but overall a stunning coin! Great portrait, with nice gray toning.

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Judas' 30 Pieces of Silver: Behind the eagle there is usually a monogram consisting of a triangle with a bar balancing at the apex, however since this shekel was struck a little off center, the monogram doesn't appear.

Very few coins of this era are dated, but these coins are.

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A bit rough, otherwise, about very fine. The reverse struck slightly off center, otherwise, very fine.

Silver Shekel

You can see some of those cousins for sale on our Celeste Jones Mining website. About as nice as you will ever find for these. Of course it is impossible to tell if any of these specimens were among those original 30 coins, but every example shown below was indeed circulating there during the time.

Most Shekels of Tyre have numerous findings that lead to the common grade of VF. The deal did not go through for reasons having nothing to do with the coin, or our company, but for other internal, unexpected difficulties for that dealer, at that time.

Shekel of Tyre

Dated Year 70 BC. Nothing stays pretty for two thousand years, yet here is evidence that something does. This is a rare denomination As the Romans contemplated their victories at Arausio and Noreia the, the trap was sprung, almost completely annihilating the Roman army.

Perhaps you can be the one to figure it out! Hands down, this coin is spectacular to look at.

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The coin is essentially unblemished and is the color of stainless steel, making it shiny, like silver should look, but not so shiny that it resembles aluminum.

A quick bit about shekels of Tyre, for those who are curious. We don't know what the monograms mean. This Shekel of Tyre, although not classified as a rare date, is none-the-less, a very rare find, largely because it's beauty, quality of minting, lack of corrosion, lack of significant scratches, chips, dents, metallic weakness, flan cracks, etc.

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A well struck and attractive example. The Romans chased the retreating tribe and rode right in to the trap. Such defeats did not happen to Rome and by the end of the year, they had their retaliation.

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Silver shekel, dated CY 89 BC.