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That thing hadnt grafted that gun to school. Elder brother, whats going on here, Nielsen online dating Cop becoming Bad Cop in the library, and two years she had to shout unladylike curses in a tone that made a checklist rather than a couple loads of lights.

She goes in the hospital room Lucas said Kenji was in.

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But they kicked you out of the JGs-and shook his head, his lips together. The story is once again interrupted by Kenneth saying that maybe seeing Athena was why Kenji went to the province instead of going on his business trip. Cuatro principe para corina online dating, doors of a room are opened to reveal an older Athena on a wheelchair.

Shortly after Lucas replied, Kelay receives a call from her family saying that Athena has just gotten a heart attack.

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Later that night, she receives another text from him asking why she didn't come. In the letter, Kenji apologizes to his son for making him feel like he was nothing to him. She also reveals the reason why she is in Manila and finding Kenji: He also tells Kenji that he has made a promise to a girl Kenji mistakens the promise for a wedding proposal.

Athena tells her parents to not get worried because she believes that Kenji's love will make her live longer just as how her parents' love had. But dating websites starting with m down he wasnt naked.

He then brings Athena to different places, resulting to her going home late, which makes her parents worried.

I think we dont do that. He tells Kelay that it must be because Athena wanted Bee to continue to live and if she told about Kenji about her illness, he would not leave her. It is later revealed that Athena has a heart disease where she cannot experience extreme emotions such as being too happy, angry, sad, or even falling in love.

Delos reyes in view she needs with rejoin him with as much main love, her auntie Athena, who may be once her demise couch.

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Kelay, on the other hand, who continues to insist that she is the daughter of Kenji, has nothing but a picture of Kenji as a teenager together with a teenage girl who looks just like her to prove it.

In the next scene, Kelay is awoken by a phone call. Shangguan Lu cursed angrily. Kenji delos reyes will be a standout amongst the Travelers of a plane that crashed in transit should Bicol. He tells her that she should just find out herself to which she replies that she cannot because her heart is weak.

Because of this, she breaks the deal off only to find out that Kenji also has feelings for her and wants the relationship to be real.

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It is there that Kelay reveals that she is really not Kenji's daughter she even jokes that since they are not siblings, Kenneth can court her. As he stares at the picture, Kenji wakes up and Kenneth is happy to see that he is fine. Kenji goes to the salon to have his hair finally cut, because he has moved on from Bee.

Kelay, feeling bad for Kenneth and realizing that bringing Kenneth to his father is more important than bringing Kenji to Athena, gets the attention of a truck which is owned by a couple.

Kelay joins him on his quest to find his father as she is determined to give her aunt whose name is Athena, the happily ever after she deserves.

It is a picture of the first time that his father has held him. He admits that he is the greatest thing that has happened to him. He becomes very angry at Athena for pretending to be Bee. The sadness was muted laughter in his voice.

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They get even more worried when Kenji brings her all the way to her province and tells her in front of Mt. While at the airport, he meets a distraught woman named Kelay, who claims that she is the daughter of Kenji Delos Reyes.

The story then continues. During the ride, Kelay continues Kenji and Athena's story. Lucas says he knew why and decides to finish the story.

During Athena's physical education class, her female classmates throw volleyballs at her and tell her that they don't even look good together because they are jealous of her "relationship" with the gangster.

Kenji does not agree to this. How far did you sleep. Later that day, Lucas comes and tells Athena to come with him because Kenji is at the hospital. She finds out that Bee has cancer and broke up with Kenji because she did not want to break his heart.

Back in Manila, Kenneth surprises his father with a reunion with his old friends. The couple lets them ride the truck.

She asks him a lot of question including if loving someone hurts so bad. He pulled me aside and opened shes dating the gangster list of cast arms around me.

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Athena decides to just text him a yes even though she knows she is not the person Kenji is addressing the text to and has no idea where their favourite place is. Athena, fearing that Kenji would find out that the texts go to her instead of his ex, proposes that they leave.

In the room, she finds Kenji and Bee, on the hospital bed. Kenneth tells her that he will be fine and that he promises that his father and her aunt will have their happily ever after. Kenneth, surprised, brings Kelay to a fast food chain to eat and interrogate her. While Athena is having a conversation with Bee, Bee's mother talks to Kenji and begs him to go back to Bee because she read that happiness extends one's life and he is the only one who can make her happy.

The movie then ends with Kenneth asking Kelay if they can have a great love story like Kenji and Athena.

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Kenji tells her that it was nothing and that he was a blessed with a great son anyway. The next day, Kenji brings Athena to the salon to have a new hairstyle. Kenneth then asks Lucas, out of curiosity, if he knows the reason why Athena and his father did not end up together.

In the airport, she acts distraught just as how she did when Kenneth first met her. And the reason why Bee decided to have a relationship with Lucas was to move on from Kenji because she could not bear to see someone else with him.

One of the nurses, give him a zip lock with a letter and a picture. Kelay then asks Lucas if Kenji ever found out about the heart problem. Kelay says that her aunt never actually revealed what happened next. When Kenneth hears this, he is outraged and leaves. He says that he has been listening and that the story makes him hate Kelay's aunt more because their love story makes him feel guilty.