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Kenneth then appears and tells her that him being in the accident was not real and that Kenji was the one who called her. The caller tells her that a plane has crashed and that Kenneth Delos Reyes is one of the passengers.

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Revealing the pokazy lotnicze radom online dating of the passengers he saw his father's name, Kenjie Delos Reyes. Kenneth tells her that he will be fine and that he promises that his father and her aunt will have their happily ever after.

It is there that Kelay reveals that she is really not Kenji's daughter she even jokes that since they are not siblings, Kenneth can court her.

After Kelay finishes praying, Kenneth asks her what happened next and why they didn't end up together.

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After they are kicked out, Kenneth becomes mad at Kelay and her Aunt Athena. Seeing this he quickly set off to the airport to know about his father's whereabouts.

Athena smiles at him then starts to feel sleepy. Athena, fearing that Kenji would find out that the texts go to her instead of his ex, proposes that they leave. Worried, Athena goes with him. He eventually insists that they go to his house so he may treat her bruises.

In Kenji's house, Athena learns a lot about him. He does a lot of mean things to make Athena his fake girlfriend like tying the laces of both of her shoes together and framing her as the one who hurt one of their professors.

Lucas says he had only found out recently.

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Worried, Kelay says that she will go back to Manila. He goes on the roof of the building and everyone is convinced that he will end his life if Athena will still refuse to be his girlfriend. While he talks to her angrily, his ex passes by, resulting him into pushing her against a wall and sinking his head in her neck, making everyone, including Bee, think that he is kissing her, when he really is just whispering to Athena.

While Athena is having a conversation with Bee, Bee's mother talks to Kenji and begs him to go back to Bee because she read that happiness extends one's life and he is the only one who can make her happy. The following day, while having lunch, Athena's best friend sees Kenji on the payphone that's near them.

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Kelay, on the other hand, who continues to insist that she is the daughter of Kenji, has nothing but a picture of Kenji as a teenager together with a teenage girl who looks just like her to prove it.

Her friends also reveal to Athena that his ex's name is also Athena and that Kenji refuses to cut his hair until they come back.

Kelay joins him on his quest to find his father as she is determined to give her aunt whose name is Athena, the happily ever after she deserves.

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Athena, even if she did not want to lose Kenji, told him to stay with Bee because she did not want to sacrifice someone's life just so their love could stay alive. During the ride, Kelay continues Kenji and Athena's story. The story is once again interrupted by Kenneth saying that maybe seeing Athena was why Kenji went to the province instead of going on his business trip.

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In the letter, Kenji apologizes to his son for making him feel like he was nothing to him. In the airport, she acts distraught just as how she did when Kenneth first met her. The story is interrupted with Kenneth asking why his father accidentally sent the text to Kelay's aunt.

As the story ends, Kelay cries and asks Lucas why Athena never told Kenji about her heart disorder. She finds out that Bee has cancer and broke up with Kenji because she did not want to break his heart.

All her aunt told her is that the reason was bad timing. The story then continues. Because of fear that Kenji really will jump off the building, Athena says yes. But before they even get to leave, her beeper starts to ring, catching Kenji's attention.

Kelay tells him that that cannot be because Athena is in Manila and not in the province.


He becomes very angry at Athena for pretending to be Bee. Kelay and Kenneth have eventually arrived at the province. Athena tells her parents to not get worried because she believes that Kenji's love will make her live longer just as how her parents' love had.

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Kelay, feeling bad for Kenneth and realizing that bringing Kenneth to his father is more important than bringing Kenji to Athena, gets the attention of a truck which is owned by a couple.

Lucas says he knew why and decides to finish the story. She then leaves, not telling Kenji of her own illness. She also forms a friendship with a new student named Lucas, who ends up being Bee's new boyfriend.

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And the reason why Bee decided to have a relationship with Lucas was to move on from Kenji because she could not bear to see someone else with him. When she closes her eyes, she ends up dying in his arms. He also tries to give the girls a taste of their own medicine by threatening to throw balls at them, which does not continue because Athena does not wish to hurt them.

Kenneth opposes to this and says that he is the only child of Kenji Delos Reyes, has a birth certificate to prove it, and knows nothing about her.

The story is once again interrupted when the bus driver kicks Kelay and Kenneth out because they keep on bickering and fighting.

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When Athena goes back to school, she finds Kenji absent. They get even more worried when Kenji brings her all the way to her province and tells her in front of Mt.

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Scared, Kelay quickly makes her way to the airport. It is a picture of the first time that his father has held him.

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He also tells Kenji that he has made a promise to a girl Kenji mistakens the promise for a wedding proposal. As he stares at the picture, Kenji wakes up and Kenneth is happy to see that he is fine. In the room, she finds Kenji and Bee, on the hospital bed.