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Yukun This is a medium sized dog, kind of like a Shiba-inu. That's why we'd do just about anything to ensure them a long, happy, and healthy life. They are an alert and energetic breed. An interesting book on this subject is " Dog Man. These dogs live years, making them one of the longest living dog breeds.

However, dressing up your Shiba Inu in raincoats and bandanas throughout the year is certainly for more than just fashion. They're good for more active people since they need to run a lot, so don't get one and let it sit around in your apartment all day long.

Because of all these things, you'll want to be an active owner if you own one of these dogs. At present there is no estimate available for the total population.

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I wouldn't mind having a Shiba-inu if Shikoku-inus and Akita-inus didn't exist. First, many breeds are very rare even in Japan, which makes them expensive and, well, rare. It is said that the Nihon Ken has been present in Japan since the Jomon period.

It may be aggressive with strange dogs of the same sex and may chase small animals. The name Shiba means, both "small" and "brushwood" in Japanese. The reason for this is that in contrast to the other Nihon Ken, the Shiba is from a very large geographical area in central Japan.

During the harsh economic period Online dating time wasters definition experienced during and immediately after World War 2, owning dogs was seen as wasteful and unpatriotic.

Yes there will be some puppies. Today the Shiba is the most popular of the Nihon Ken, accounting for approximately 80 percent of dogs registered with Nippo every year.

Meet Maru, The Smiliest Dog In Japan

So, there's many different kinds and they don't look like Native Japanese dogs, though they are half. They were originally brought over from China though Japan created their own distinct version of the breed.

Have you noticed how many of them look pretty wolfy? The last theory is that they were named so because they were adept at weaving through brushwood when hunting. Nowadays, just about everything can be insured. They're both readings of the kanji for dog: The double coat consists of a strong straight outer coat with a soft undercoat, imparting great insulation.

But, if I had to create something from scratch. The Shiba is intelligent, and like all Nihon Ken, is a very independent thinker.

Shibas | Canadian Shiba inu kennel

They're loyal, cautious, brave, and are known to chase wild boars for fun. We are responsible for all the choices we make for our four-legged family members.

They were used in the ill-fated Japanese Antarctic research expedition.

On top of that, small dogs freak me out so puntable. Some of these dogs are Japan-only because they're "national treasures.

The breed has also become popular overseas. For example, the Hokkaido-inu is from Hokkaido. Bold, independent and headstrong, the shiba is brimming with self-confidence.

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It basically goes up from there. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy please… P. They're intelligent, agile, alert, and brave. This little map should give you a little bit of an idea of where these dogs came from.

It's also a good hunter so… not a great farm dog if you want your chickens to stay alive. Granted some dogs, like Shiba Inus may not be the Michael Phelps of the dog kingdom - it's always fun to try and Shiba-Inu Almost certainly the most well known Japanese dog.

Also, they're fairly independent and are also known to enjoy running away. The thing that differentiates this breed from Shiba-inus is that they're a lot less aloof and a lot more alert to what's going on. It's not impossible, but if you want a Japanese dog be prepared to spend a lot of money and run into a lot of obstacles.

Raincoats and bandanas can be highly Today there is a type of Shiba called the Jomon Shiba, which has been back bred to resemble the bone structure and type present in the early native dogs.

Shiba / Shiba Inu

The Shiba-inu is probably the most common outside of Japan, but everything else is somewhat rare. It has a somewhat shorter coat when compared with the other Japanese breeds. More specifically, a Japanese dog person. Even if you do it yourself via the airline it's a few hundred dollars, and there are many hoops around this you'll have to jump through.

One thing that makes them stand out is their longevity. The Mino Shiba is a deep mahogany red color and is found in Gifu Prefecture. The dog world is changing rapidly. It's also hard to find many of these breeds in your own country.

It has typical traits of dogs from Northern heritage: They're Japanese dogs so many Japanese breeders want to keep them in Japan. It has the traits of the Spitz breed, but is one of the larger Spitz dogs. Just know that if you see either it probably has to do with dogs, not Ken dolls.

You'll have your work cut out for you in terms of finding a breeder first of all willing to export their dog overseas, let alone to someone who's not Japanese. No matter what you do be prepared to pay up the nose.

Fiery and alert, Shiba Inu are a breed that captivates their audience and have humans right where they want them: Like all the Nihon Ken, the Shiba was a hunting dog first and foremost, used to hunt small game and birds.

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The Shikoku-inu is from Shikoku. You may know of this type of dog from the Shiba-inu puppy cam that took the world by storm. Kai-Ken The Kai-ken is an interesting breed. Let's look at them a little more closely.