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And I'm done with it!

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I saw what you did with using your ignorance and spinelessness to help drive trannies to suicide!. Despite knowing and caring so little about the topic she can't even answer basic questions about it.

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It's like the new R-- MRA, like, secret codeword for misogyny. She abandoned her channel and deleted her old vlogs and got a job at the cosmetics section of Macy's. One of her childhood dreams was to become a movie director.

This is a public platform.

Shoe0nHead & Armoured Skeptic VS The Satiratician | I'm Ready For The Hate

June has stated she's completely straight, bisexual, "demi-sexual" and That means I want YOU to stoop down to my level. I feel like it's not my place to look at somebody like Riley Dennis and go "ya ain't trans. This until she discovered " Unichan ", a community of psychotic Boxxy stalkers who were infamous for hacking Boxxy's computer, driving Boxxy into hiding and doxing her again to then show up at the house she was hiding from them in like a bunch of serial killers.

How to get blocked by June: And the cherry on top is that "Undoomed", a youtuber that, much like BearingShoe once criticized for being stupid, was the only "Skeptic" who was smart enough to read his contract before signing it and negotiate out of the NDA clause.

In the end, June gave up and her "friend", who she no longer had a reason to pretend to like, gave the site to someone else and moved on with his life.

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Shoe now lives as Greg's long distance slave because even though they have the money he refuses to let her live with him or she might catch him cheating. After Brittany Venti made a video about what a sweet flirting jokes she is shown aboveJune took a prolonged "twitter break" that is actually being spent stalking were dr grant and ellie dating services slug-face-brit's twitter and blocking anyone who mentions her video.

Interestingly, despite her and Lauren now "going in different paths", June's paths seem to be converging with shoe0nhead armored skeptic dating apps like Shaun and Jen, a guy who said it's okay to kill right wingers because they aren't human, and ContraPoint who, in his video about "free speech", turned directly to the camera to threaten Dave Rubin in a hilarious attempt to intimidate him into not hosting conservatives on his show anymore.

However, this channel broke up, due to the other owners of the channel not being as into video making as she was. She was soon called out by a twitter account that reposts "HeHeSillyComics" strips for being a fucking sociopath.

You don't have to look nice for boys! Lapine tweeted that Roosh V "is a psychopath".

Unhinged Vlogger Attacks shoe0nhead & Armoured Skeptic

June has claimed to have had 0 boyfriends, only 1 boyfriend, only 2 boyfriends, multiple boyfriends, being a kissless virgin until the age of 21, 15 and 13 and having had multiple sexual relationship. Why are her opinions bad? Pictures of her prove she was never a goth and other videos show that both her claim that she had no friends or only guy friend are lies as well.

This video game character is dressed too sexily. Shoe, who herself had a boyfriend at the time, was receptive to this and joined his brothel of potential sluts that included Jenny McDermottwho he would also flirt with, several women he was fucking behind his wife's back and one woman who was dying of brain cancer and Greg was able to fuck thanks to her diminishing mental faculties and was then forced to continue to pretend to care about until she dies so that he wouldn't look bad for breaking up with a woman dying of cancer.

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And this is clearly not all a coincidence, since June herself has said that Greg would leave her if her childlike measurements ever change. How would you feel a [sic] white people started a white lives matter movement? There June finally found "fame" due to her resemblance to Boxxy, and began acting as her clone for the sad nerds on the forum to jerk off to.

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I just love vlogging about it though and I love blogging about it on my Tumblr! But she didn't want her friends to feel called out for their feminist beliefs, so she uploaded it to YouTube instead, believing that her channel was dead and hardly anyone would see it. The full story is that this company, that already had a history of running scams and was openly run by SJWs, approached a number of "Skeptic" youtubers, who were so good at being skeptical that they signed the contract without looking into who they were entering into a binding, contractual relationship with, or even actually reading what they were signing to see that it included a 3 year NDA.

I honestly feel like a rape victim right now. She doesn't actually understand what she's defending or why.

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Seriously, any mention of her being bald or wearing wigs is an insta-block Make any remark towards her that's not covered in uwu and glitter She'll block you whether malicious or not, she even does this to her fans Bring up her past of bullying Bring up current instances of her bullying Bring up her black ex boyfriend Make a joke at her she doesn't understand that's how Cognitive Thought got blocked.

They don't care that people are calling me annoying and that my purple hair is stupid. They are currently engaged [] and collaborate often. I'm literally shaking right now.

Unhinged Vlogger Attacks shoe0nhead & Armoured Skeptic

None of this is helped by June defending pedophiles online and Greg liking cartoon loli porn on twitter. Despite only filming 2 episodes and 8 "minisodes", June's unwarranted self importance was so massive, and her belief that this can somehow be used to propel her into stardom so misguided, that she took a page out of the Randy Stair playbook and forced her friends to each create their own YT account where they must post in character at all times June's character was, of corse, "Loca", the KARAZY WACKY ONE!

And then you have to force people to accept you! Despite not even playing video games. Meanwhile, Shoe and Greg can't even talk about it because they're still under an NDA, and yet still hypocritically complain about internet censorship, when they themselves were more than happy to potentially contribute to it for a few bucks.

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In the end, the guy running the account apologized perhaps being forced by the comic's creatorand they both deleted all tweets related to this, after which the homeless guy Shoe was bullying, scared for his life, deleted his channel. I'm dressed too sexily and you don't like it?

Does anybody know this? Become an ill-informed trans crusader[ edit ] June - Two faced as usual But it isn't enough for June to just suck Contra's cock online.

They don't care I'm being disagreed with.

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An anti-feminist girl who looks underaged but isn't and who doesn't look like Karen Straughan? Comments like this literally rape me every day.

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For example, in "Oppression Olympics", Lapine says: The show itself was a fucking atrocity. Now June blindly defends any position that "supports" transgenders, thinks that calling transgenderism a mental illness is something only bigots do even though that's literally what it isand made it her new hobby online to fight with TERFS on twitter.

After June and her psychopaths returned home, her nudes were dropped on Unichan, alongside the fact she was as slut who is already fucking one of them, and the entire board of heartbroken autistics began openly gossiping and making fun of her, forcing her to leave.

I'm done with the internet!

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HO's account was then mysteriously hacked immediately after this, and all videos about the topic wwere deleted. He met her online during GamerGate while he was hitting on every single woman he interacted with to add to the harem of women he was cheating on his wife with.

She also took the time shortly prior to inform people that she no longer finds Steve Crowder funny because his dressing up as women all the time is offensive to her precious trannies or something.

These parodies do not attempt to break down feminist arguments, reductio ad absurdum style.

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June is the fakest person you will ever encounter, lying about every single thing about herself and completely changing her entire personality at the drop of a hat to please whoever it is that is showering her with attention at the moment.

She began creating videos expressing her opinions on numerous topics in this sphere, such as gamergate, fat acceptance, feminism, gender issues, MGTOW, etc. I am so done from the entire Internet.