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Such was the case with one paranoid schizophrenic with a gang-stalking obsession, who made somewhere in the ballpark of 20 videos claiming Shoe was a woman named "Sue" who was a girl that Armored kidnapped as a child and raised to be his slave in an international cat-fishing conspiracy that was planning to murder him.

Right now she's pretending to be bi and reluctantly taking part in threesomes with her husband because its moderately better than just letting him cheat outright, which he will if she doesn't do it, just like he did with his ex wife.

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His family remained Christian but never spoke about religion ever again. The show itself was a fucking atrocity.

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I saw what you did with using your ignorance and spinelessness to help drive trannies to suicide!. Fluhrer describes the members as very shoe0nhead armored skeptic dating service people, but extremely deluded. Despite not even playing video games.

June is the fakest person you will ever encounter, lying about every single thing about herself and completely changing her entire personality at the drop of a hat to please whoever it is that is showering her with attention at the moment.

AJ then turned to a religious group that he had known in his childhood as he became more and more paranoid and needed help. Life[ edit ] As tipos de balanzas yahoo dating child, Fluhrer was a member of a Messianic Jewish cult.

June argued that she did nothing wrong and instead went crying to the person who makes HeHeSillyComics to tell him to shut this guy up.

Shoe0nHead & Armoured Skeptic VS The Satiratician | I'm Ready For The Hate...

His reply video to one of Steve Shives ' where Shives argues that "Atheism and feminism are complementary to one another" is titled "Feminism is My God Now" and argues, in part, that "the only people I hear en masse perpetuating the concept that women are not equal to men are third wave feminists".

I like to make fun of the right and creationists, but I take datingws metacafe funny skepticism of the left very seriously.

Right now June is playing the shy, insecure, nerdy gamer girl who hates feminism to her audience to keep them paying her, while pretending to be a bisexual DDLG fetishist for her boyfriend, so that she can justify to herself letting him treat her like shit and allowing him to fuck other chicks in "threesomes" that she only participates in for his enjoyment because she's too scared he will leave her like he did his wife who wouldn't let him cheat.

This resulted in her channel being terminated and Skeptic filing a lawsuit against her for libel and slander.

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And to do that she needs to change her entire personality again and throw more people under the bus with this simple, 3 part plan: Here she is telling someone Dave Chappelle 's tranny jokes aren't jokes because they hurt her feeling and because she says so [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery] Step 3: His most popular videos are based around Feuerstein and he is his unofficial archenemy lexicostatistical dating quotes Skeptic not wanting him to be his archnemesis.

Interestingly, there's is a rumor that Pregory propositioned Venti as well. Even her voice changes depending on who she's talking to and her fucking name is fake. The point is, the fact that the gap exists does not mean something needs to be done about it.

Maybe women are flocking to gender studies and other useless degrees instead of getting into technology and engineering. There is literally no winning, there is no appeasing, there is only the victim and the oppressor.

June has stated she's completely straight, bisexual, "demi-sexual" and All that is now left of this abortion is listed at the bottom of this article. A poorly acted, poorly written, amateurishly filmed shitshow that felt like an asinine cross between "That 70's Show" and "Friends" that was created by a bunch of people who only know what humor even is because they read the word's definition in a dictionary.

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XDDDDas well as multiple twitter accounts, two websites where people can add their own fan characters, and a fucking wiki about the show.

Shoe now lives as Greg's long distance slave because even though they have the money he refuses to let her live with him or she might catch him cheating.

Eventually, AJ saw the hypocrasy and insanity of his former group and knew that he had to rebuild his shattered relationships.

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All depending on what crowd she's pandering to now. I do not belong to any movements or groups. I just wanted to say keep up the good work. Due to this disability, he was never granted a college degree and attended a local university instead of his chosen campus and was soon later on diagnosed with undiagnosed depression that he had all his life.

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The only person to realize what was going on was Harmful Opinionswho exposed what they were doing. Gregory came out as the grand winner of this ordeal, because now he has mentally broken sex slave that lets him cheat on her and whose popularity he can use to continue to believe he can turn his youtube channel into a media empire one day, even though the only reason anyone subscribes to him is because they masturbate to pictures of his girlfriend.

This also means that she was either lying in her first video when she said she wasn't under contract, or she was telling the truth and then signed a new contract, knowingly selling out everyone she knows for some quick cash. Is this the world we want to live in?

None of this is helped by June defending pedophiles online and Greg liking cartoon loli porn on twitter.

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Feminism is about empowering women to choose. McDermott later made a false rape accusation against Skeptic using very flimsy logic and blatantly untrue facts. Interestingly, despite her and Lauren now "going in different paths", June's paths seem to be converging with people like Shaun and Jen, a guy who said it's okay to kill right wingers because they aren't human, and ContraPoint who, in his video about "free speech", turned directly to the camera to threaten Dave Rubin in a hilarious attempt to intimidate him into not hosting conservatives on his show anymore.

All she knows is that her making fun of trannies made them feel bad uwu and that this trumps all scientific facts, an attitude she used to cringily refer to as "feels over realz".

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After June and her psychopaths returned home, her nudes were dropped on Unichan, alongside the fact she was as slut who is already fucking one of them, and the entire board of heartbroken autistics began openly gossiping and making fun of her, forcing her to leave.

Despite her videos having awful editing, horrible lighting, horrendous audio spikes, are in p, and every other thing that makes it seems it is the first video on YouTube in This until she discovered " Unichan ", a community of psychotic Boxxy stalkers who were infamous for hacking Boxxy's computer, driving Boxxy into hiding and doxing her again to then show up at the house she was hiding from them in like a bunch of serial killers.

Josh Feuerstein Videos Armoured Skeptic has made dozens of videos on Joshua Feuerstein, an evangelical christian known for his outspoken beliefs and paranoid statements. All of this despite the fact they haven't actually produced anything yet and their "show" had no fans.

By doing this, June is perpetuating and attitude that is leading countless people who aren't transgender to undergo needless and permanent treatments, actual transgenders to pump their bodies full of cancerous chemicals when they could be cured with therapy, and generally leading more and more transgenders real or not to end up committing suicide June the Cuck[ edit ] With both of them broken up, they were free to initiate a pathetic, co-dependent relationship.

Meanwhile, Shoe and Greg can't even talk about it because they're still under an NDA, and yet still hypocritically complain about internet censorship, when they themselves were more than happy to potentially contribute to it for a few bucks.

June - The fakest bitch alive[ edit ] One thing that June's fans don't know about her is: Which really show how worthy the entire community and audience is of being taken seriously. McDermott had already built up a notoriety of herself in the atheist YouTube community by targeting members with high subscriber counts and doing things like false-DMCAing and exploiting personal tragedies to gain attention to herself.

There June finally found "fame" due to her resemblance to Boxxy, and began acting as her clone for the sad nerds on the forum to jerk off to.

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Why not start at the ground up? She was soon called out by a twitter account that reposts "HeHeSillyComics" strips for being a fucking sociopath. Use scrollbar to see the full image "Love letters" exchanged between June and the sad loser she duped into wasting a year of his life stalking internet strangers for her Additional Gossip from lolcow[ edit ] Another story that illustrates how duplicitous and attention hungry Dropped0nHead is, is a rumor about her one-sided relationship with some guy named "Rob"who was a local celebrity that June briefly developed a crush on.