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The guys who have done this reckon the factory headunit is the weakest part of the system.

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To help offset this, consider buying a. Originally Posted by rogan View Post There's a circuit here for hooking up an aftermarket headunit to the factory amps.

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Two thoughts about the marketing rubbish: And secondly, if I were and if I worked marketing at Land Rover I'd hardly put in a system with 11 speakers, 5 amps, speed-dependent auto volume, optional telephone and NAV interface with attentuation, blah blah blah and all without bothering to do any kind of testing or tuning whatsoever.

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You get it to sound the way YOU like it and good for you! Which is why I agree with you about replacing the whole system. I needed to call an owner and. Have a look at the plastic grille covering the midbass in the bottom of the doors.

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Your site currently has a robot. Not sure how you go about hooking up the factory subwoofer, but then again I've heard whoopee cushions with more impact and tonal accuracy.

Not only do they have to compromise by trying to cater to every kind of listening taste but they have to deal with a lousy acoustic environment, inside a rolling tin can lined with foam, fabric, leather, bits of plastic and the odd human.

In fact that's what they did when they changed the target clientele from English gentleman farmers to blinged up urban rappers with the L The speakers aren't 'tuned and balanced', that's marketing rubbish, they're nothing special.

I've replaced the 3 way front with a pair of 2 way components, and relegated the factory midrange and tweeter to CB duties.

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