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If the Model 55s Microphone is used in the high impedance position, single conductor shielded cable may be used to provide additional cable lengths: Is there a way I could test to see if the internal electronics of the microphone still work with an ohm meter or similar device?

The Vagabond system was expensive and somewhat fragile, but was adopted for use by several Las Vegas venues of the time.


The V series also included several industry firsts: For connector and cabling information, please see the following link: Model 55s may be connected directly to a ohm line, a ohm line, or high impedance input.

In the low and medium impedance positions, Model 55s may be connected directly to a standard low or medium impedance in- put amplifier Fig. This was a desktop application for Mac and Windows designed to monitor and control networked Shure wireless systems, as well as provide tools to coordinate and deploy compatible frequencies.

The permissible line length is practically unlimited, since neither response nor level is appreciably affected by reasonable lengths of line.

The postal service would even come out with a stamp of Elvis singing into the Shure If you have problems viewing or downloading the user manual, report it to us.

The new bobbins had molded in spacers.

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For flirty truth or dares over text broadcasting and T. It will become one of the most popular instrument mics ever plus it continues to be the U. Large air-gap clearances, together with a rugged coil construction, provide immunity of the moving system to abnormal atmospheric conditions and severe shure 55s microphone dating service shock.

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Shure also manufactured specialized headsets and the MC-1 oxygen mask microphone. It quickly becomes the standard for live performance vocals.

Their first model was the Shure 33N. KennedyElla Fitzgeraldand Frank Sinatra. Headphones[ edit ] Shure started offering around-ear headphones in Mayand since then expanded their lineup to cater to different listening needs, from basic listening to audiophile-demanding listening.

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Or is there a more modern connector that will work with out screwing on to the microphones' base? The M cartridge is renowned for its tracking and skip resistance, which has made it a popular choice of turntablists such as The Invisibl Skratch Piklz.

Mic Cartridge Mount for Shure Model 55S or similar

InShure introduced the Microflex microphone line specifically designed for conference room applications. Shure engineers introduced several key phono cartridge design concepts.

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Inthe company introduced the MG, the first phonograph cartridge capable of playing both long-playing and 78 rpm records, and inShure's M12 Dynetic Phono Reproducer tonearm and cartridge set established an industry standard with a tracking force of only one gram. To this day its unmistakable, iconic form symbolises the spirit of a whole generation.

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This would be of primary concern because it would be pointless to repair the connector only to find out the microphone doesn't work. Learn more about the most important milestones in our company's history.

It will op- erate efficiently end dependably under all ordinary conditions in hot and cold climates.

One of Shure's most visually iconic microphone series is the Unidyne series, seen in use by heads of state and popular recording artists and performers from the s through the end of the twentieth century, including President John F.

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The original Shure 55 Unidyne microphone was designed by engineer Ben Bauer and first produced in The SM Studio Microphone series microphones were originally developed with a non-reflective finish and no on-off switch for the TV studio market.

This will fit in most of the Bullet shells by Shure or Astatic. Like all Shure wireless, it is available with a variety of popular Shure microphone models, or in bodypack configurations for use with lavalier or headset microphones, or connected to an instrument cable.

Shure products have been ever… The 's Sidney N. It is the first lightweight, high-performance product in a market dominated by large, costly devices. InShure introduced the FP automatic mixer, featuring Shure's patented IntelliMix circuitry, which automatically activates special double-element microphones based on the direction of a talker's signal.

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Add document Report a request to add a document Report a problem Do you need help? To retain the full strength of the highly the low impedance line efficient permanent magnet and to maintain alignment of the struc- ture, dropping or other severe mechanical shocks should be avoided.

InGramophone Magazine awarded the V an "Audio Choice" designation for outstanding performance and value. The market for radio component kits declines when factory-built radios are launched. Kennedy or Martin Luther King use the microphone to proclaim their messages, and the 55 Unidyne becomes an integral accessory for performers like Elvis Presley.

Shure's UHF system featured software control and the ability to operate as many as 78 systems simultaneously. Due to the scarcity of the raw materials required to manufacture V cartridges, Shure discontinued the series inand in Junethe last remaining V stock was purchased by the Library of Congress.

Army and Air Force during World War II, and featured a plastic case that conserved aluminum and lighter and more reliable in a wide range of temperatures and climates. They sounded as if Astatic took their batch of rejects from the past few years and stuffed the last run of mics with them.

The Vocal Master was at one time the official on-tour sound system for performing acts such as the 5th Dimension and The Carpenters among others.

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The Model 55s Microphone is of the multi-im- pedance type. It is the first high-quality unidirectional microphone that is used by speaking into the end end-firing rather than the side of the microphone. The Shure-patented acoustic phase- shift network has been redesigned: