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In the latter sense, it is often accompanied by the rude "nah!

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Under this umbrella, you will find unity of purpose and commitment to serve all of our people wherever they are as well as our homeland, Kenya. It is known as a "fist-phallus", and can be accompanied by extending the right hand while clasping the left hand under one's armpit in a derogatory manner.

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International nomenclature[ edit ] In Italy this sign, known as mano in fica "fig-hand"or far le fiche cunt gesturefor the resemblance to female genitalia, was a common and very rude gesture in past centuries, similar to the fingerbut has long since fallen out of use.

In South Africait was once known as "the zap sign" and was the equivalent of giving the finger.

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AKDOi has evolved over the last several years to what it is today and will continue to evolve; we are happy that you will be a part of the journey. In Turkeyit is an obscene gesture equivalent to showing the middle finger, and is also used to show disagreement at a statement or to deny a sup tinder dating. For example, when asked to hand something over, a child might make the gesture, thereby implying that they will not give it.

The thumb represents the "stolen" nose held between the player's index and middle finger. Jump to navigation Jump to search The fig sign The fig sign is a mildly obscene gesture used in Turkish and Slavic cultures and some other cultures that uses two fingers and a thumb.

As the name suggests, we are a coalition of Diaspora Organizations spread across the world with a common objective of uniting to advance our common welfare.

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In Portugalit is a gesture of good luck, or even wishing good luck. Sinceit has fallen into disuse. In addition - it is also used when swearing a false oath or falsifying an affirmation to tell the truth.

In many countries, such as the United Statesthe United KingdomIrelandFranceSpainDenmarkand the Czech Republicthis sign has no obscene meaning and is instead used in a game where a player "steals" someone else's nose.

So it's like telling somebody a computer in this case to get lost. This is usually done with small children where the player pretends to take their nose and then say " I've got your nose ". This fully integrated website has been designed and developed with you in mind and provides numerous user friendly functionalities to provide you the tools and platform to interact, communicate and share ideas with the world.

In Brazil, use of this gesture is said to ward off evil eyejealousy, etc. The many stand-alone organizations, whereas very capable to advance their objectives as best as they can, still remain disparate.

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In Greece and particularly in the Ionian Islands this gesture is still used as an alternative to the moutza. This gesture is most commonly used to deny a request. Ornaments with this symbol are often worn as a good luck charm.

The Kenyan government believes we are too fragmented and therefore does not engage us as it should, in short we have tremendous opportunities ahead of us if we work together. This innocent meaning may exist alongside the obscene one, for example in Germany.

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From Current events, to Blogs, to Discussion Forum, programs or general welfare, this site caters for all of our needs.