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I went ahead and dove full force into the experiment. I have been told by my professors and other grad students that this type of research is so new, that I should narrow it down. Immersing myself like an anthropologist in a new strange world, my research khakis and safari hat replaced with a flat screen and mouse.

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Being a parent can be isolating, but let's be real here, just being a human in this world can be isolating. Some of it may be pretty accurate, although no where near objective.

I want to fucking yell out, so what if I don't graduate, so what if it takes me years to get a conclusive grasp on this online world. I tried everything from recording a song a day for the week, and heavily promoting it, to fully covering every step of my travels to LA to sing for an independent film and play, with pictures, videos and status updates sharing my journey.

She impulsively visits her sister Eleanor Jane Adamswho runs a struggling rural school in Appalachia. That is cool, and a huge thumbs up for social networking sites in my opinion. I was going to experiment with my own research ideas using myself.

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I get to say what Iceland dating app related want, and I can say anything at all. The general question these past days on this hyper information age that keeps running through my mind, is whether it is stopping us from real life connections, and connecting with others who are not like us?

She experiences a slow change in both her perception of the mountain people single girl song catcher oh death savage and uncouth, and of her sister's sexuality as immoral.

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Lily Penleric Janet McTeera professor of musicology, is denied a promotion at the university where she teaches. There are privacy settings for sites like facebook, although you still do not know which of your friends are reading your posts unless they comment, or give you a thumbs up.

The movement online is so large, so encompassing, so overwhelming. I am sure the observations I have made thus far are somewhat skewed and emotionally biased. I work for a local recording studio now, in an old library building, and the owner works for the Rolling Stones, this was a chance meeting in real life as well.

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See, the world online does not have boundaries. I loved it so much I would ignore the people in the room sitting right next to me. Believe me there are times I wish I had just decided to write my thesis on English Literature, or Classical Music, with my head stuck in books written over the past couple of hundred years, immersed in notating and quoting scholars who paved the path before me.

I have grown and developed my craft of songwriting and improvisational songwriting this year. But I think sites like facebook that create online additive traits are just a symptom of a larger social epidemic.

I was not particularly comfortable with asking a musician to put there career on the line literally for a grad.

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I found in the beginning a sense of exhilaration and connection being a part of this online social community, and it was quite a high. That was my first step in pulling away, and seeing that I was a little immersed, hell who am I kidding?

I knew under my rebellious angst I was just feeling envious and missing my own personal technology zone. I just don't know if our tolerance has grown better or worse for others unlike us. I also made a great friend and connection after he asked me to collaborate with him musically on facebook.

I felt sometimes manipulative, and even exaggerated my where abouts or what I was doing to sound over the top, but never lied. She becomes privy to their struggles to save their land from Earl Giddens David Patrick Kellyrepresentative of a coal mining company. I was also looking at online musical collaborations, and how this has changed the ways in which musicians connect and create together.

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A good example of this is later on in my research I was going down to NYC a lot. My status updates focused on the recording I was doing at Fire Escape Studios.

Another interesting realization I had in regards to being so open online, is that you will never know exactly who is reading, watching, and observing your every action online.

I was staying at my friends, making music in his apartment, which happened to have a kick ass fire escape we would hang out on between recording on his computer.

I then went through a bout of resistance and anger, and cursed all those around me who were plugged in, surfing online, talking on their cell phones, grooving out on their ipods, shutting out the real world passing by them.

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Despite some initial resentment, she soon begins a love affair with him. I suppose in the form of gossip or a mutual friend this did and does still occur, but not at the mass scale today.

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It was reality, as real as it can get in the forum of mass media, since there were no cameras, or scripts, just each of us at home on our computer sharing our real world. I think one of the reasons being in the zoned out tech world is so appealing, is in that world, we each get to be King. She finds herself increasingly enchanted, not only by the rugged purity of the music, but also by the courage and endurance of the local people as they carve out meaningful lives against the harsh conditions.

There is even quick access to spell check, the thesaurus and dictionaries online, not to mention google searches, if you want to be really crafty, intelligent or just look literate.

I could be listening to a musician in Mexico and at the click of my computer mouse I was listening to a musician in Ireland. I was unable to appreciate anything without thinking, oh I should share this on facebook.

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I am too close to the scene, I am too close to my research, and this is why I have had to unplug. I have made connections outside just my own town, and local music scene.

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It was comforting to know that Fred was having leaky pipes in his bathroom, Shari was stressed out about making her rent, and Lisa's toddler was sick again for the third time this month.

I learned that researching myspace as a way to promote my music, while observing other musicians and how they used this site became a vast and unending territory to explore.

It got to the point where I was thinking in status updates, and taking pictures specifically for facebook. This slippery slope into total immersion started to happen about half way through my 2rd semester, when I decided to transition into a more personal research model.