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Smc takumar 55 1.8 radioactive dating. Fs: pentax smc takumar lens 55mm barely radioactive at all! - personal view talks

I took this directly from the page.

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It is in almost perfect condition except that the distance scale is loose. He didn't fix the blades. And the glass looks yellow, but just on the front, so it might just be the coating.

Anyways, how can i tell if the lens is the first version or second one. I took up woodworking a few years back currently on hold until I get my garage cleared back out to the point I can use it again, loland that's another excellent example That's the coarse knurls on the focus ring.

It cost me like and 50 bucks.

55mm 8 takumar radiation anxiety.

A great many of the old, manual tools were made with great care and workmanship; made to last, and if they were taken care off, and you can get your hands on one -- even many of the electric models -- you'll have something better than anything available today -- or at the very least a MUCH better value!

To answer your question, no the adapter should not invert the lens. Anyways, does anyone know if this version of the lens is radioactive? I would have to say it was the best lens I've ever had and was my primary lens for many years until the Spotmatic and Takumar were stolen about 10 years ago.

Relocating factories Significant gaps in the serial number sequence occur when the company relocated factories or experienced other interruptions to lens production e. No giving away sorry I immediately put them to use for a shoot with a model.

Any thoughts on that?

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For cleaning fungus I use a bathroom fungus cleaner, doesn't harm coatings and kills fungus clears the glass in minutes. Also, if the adapter has a flange, you may not be able to focus to infinity.

Just cleaned the fungus. Getting a detector would be interesting, but how to interpret the result is something I wouldn't be able to comment on I do have a degree in physics, and I've worked in a nuclear lab, but these things are complicated and I'm no expert.

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My gf was of course impressed he made 90 in a day when u consider the local wages are so low 10 a day for minimum wages. Lenses with "Super-multi-coated" lens elements were first introduced in the following consecutive batches according to SN order. Super-multi-coating remedied the problem and lifted the efficiency of Takumar lenses to keep and to earn their acclaim.

From what I've read, the '1 x-ray equivalent per hour exposure on direct contact' is roughly the figure out there - something like the extra radiation you'd get crossing the USA in a jet.

The price difference between the two is almost It is possible that some of the cheaper adapters may pay no attention to this.

Radioactive lenses

I have to admit I love watching the process of repair and would love to learn the process but the more I watch them at work the more daunted I feel by the experience needed plus I wonder if there is any money in this business. There's also the golden-brownish tinge to the lens that tends to be a hint that the glass is radioactive.

Personally, it's not something I worry about, but I can sympathize with those who feel uneasy. Everyone seems to find their own particular genre of lenses once they figure out what they like - radioactive variants, "chrome nose" FD lenses, uncoated glass, certain date ranges, etc.

Not all Fuji fanboys are sane! However, that doesn't mean I think everything he says is nonsense I don't know what the lens is that he's discussing - it looks like a Kodak Aero Ektar anybody?

SMC Takumar 55mm

Mind you being a foreigner I was offered everything from 55 1. Since the earliest Takumars were sold many will have been lost and such assumptions cannot be fully tested. I also clean the parts that where in contact with the contaminated glass housing parts etc.

Anyways, is there a way to know if the lenses are radioactive.

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On the other side it is very friendly towards coating leaving it intact. At the time, I couldn't afford the 50mm f1. You can find a fairly comprehensive list of radioactive lenses here. It took a while before I tracked down one that was "just right" for me ie - a nice golden tint to the glass.

I use just Isopropyl alcohol. It would have been much more to get them replaced.