Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho caught on a shopping date! Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho caught on a shopping date!

Sooyoung and jung kyung ho are dating websites, [rumor] sooyoung's insatiable appetite involves her in another dating scandal with jung kyung ho

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His lips said no, but Jung Kyung Ho's heart is showing otherwise it seems. They're both top stars but Rain has such a bad image that he's getting hate and ruining Kim Tae Hee's image as well.

Yahoo dating ads added, "I look at the earlobe, too. Please watch over them fondly," the agency said. Sooyoung's management agency, SM Entertainment maintains they were not aware of the exact timeline of the relationship but confirms, "The dating rumors are true.

One fan commented, "You have such a great voice. However, their relationship was only confirmed in January Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho were reportedly dating as early as February Your girlfriend must be so lucky to be able to hear your voice every day.

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I want to bite chubby earlobes" and revealed how he felt about his girlfriend, which could in fact be Sooyoung. The pair's respective management agencies have reportedly confirmed the relationship. Sooyoung isn't even on Yoona or Taeyeon's level.

Look at Rain and Kim Tae Hee.

Jung Kyung Ho captured being a sweet boyfriend on a shopping date with Sooyoung

Last year in September, Jung Kyung Ho had stated that Sooyoung had been a big strength to him while he was in the army. It may not be much, but it says a lot about Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho's relationship.

No one really cares at all. I don't know if it'll be in 3 years or 4 years," and dreamt of a lovely future with Sooyoung. Their relationship blossomed into romance from a senior-junior friendship.

They are each other's ideal other 2. Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho do not speak much about their relationship when they appear on shows and interviews.

Jung Kyung Ho captured being a sweet boyfriend on a shopping date with Girls' Generation's Sooyoung

Last year in September, Jung Kyung Ho had said that Sooyoung had been a big strength to him while he was in the army. I haven't fought once with my current girlfriend" and showed special affection towards his special lady.

Please look at them fondly. First dating rumor since their debut 3. He shared that he had no concrete wedding plans at the moment. I'm really jealous of Lee Seung Gi The newspaper was dated February 27th, but as it is early morning in Korea, the newspaper will not have been distributed yet and no article has surfaced online.

These two really match well.

SNSD’s Got The Boys: Sooyoung Dating Jung Kyung-ho – seoulbeats

GD would get hate and Yoona's image would drop. It was revealed that Sooyoung met him through a common friend after he publicly made this statement, they grew so close that they became a couple earlier this year.

Media outlet Sports Seoul broke the news about their dating status and revealed images of them going on secret dates. In related news, popcorn prices have increased by over 9, percent.

I like ones that are a little chubby. He feels sorry about that. Star News via Nate 1. Sources close to the couple said that they enjoy movie and car, and share a lot of the same interests.

There was no sign of a non-celebrity girlfriend to be found anywhere. They couldn't just go public since it's a sensitive issue for the woman's side more than th eman's. They also went to the same school and practice the same religion. Newsen via Nate "Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung both felt pressured about going public with their relationship.

One month later Jung Kyung Ho appeared on tvN's "Taxi" and said, "Sooyoung is a fellow alumnus of ChungAng University, and we both attend the same church that many celebrities in Gangnam attend," and drew a clear line.

Sooyoung gave a brief update on his relationship on TV.

[BREAKING] SNSD's Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung Ho are dating for 1 year? | Daily K Pop News

Sooyoung is also an SNSD member so he was concerned about it affecting her promotions. It seems that his 'No' actually should have been 'yes. They're only admitting it now because there is hard picture evidence.

OSEN via Naver 1. Stay tuned to allkpop for more information! He said, "More than a girl with ankles that are too thin, I like one who has a figure when she wear jeans," and showed off that his girlfriend's ankles were pretty. Even still, his descriptions of his ideal woman all pointed to Sooyoung.

Let's be understanding for him, guys. His statement proves that he doesn't want to give up acting or love. He commented, "I don't fight with my girlfriend. These two have positive images so nobody has anything to say.

Perhaps he felt bad about denying being in a relationship with Sooyoung. And Jung Kyung Ho said way too many unnecessary things about his girlfriend;;; Netizens are not so narrow minded, what was the point of lying about something that would be found out like this 2.

In the rare chance that they do, they also manage to show how sweet and affectionate they are towards one another. For a while, Sooyoung tried to dodge the question and refused to say anything about her relationship with Jung Kyung Ho. Guest Ilac asked, "Are you revealing your girlfriend right now?

Star News via Naver 1. Shouldn't have lied to begin with only to admit it with hard evidence coming out. Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho were reportedly introduced by a mutual friend in and began dating early inaround the time Jung Kyung Ho was nearing the completion of his military service.

Sports Seoul first reported their relationship, but both parties denied the truth. SM Entertainment, Sooyoung's agency, confirmed the relationship in statement. By Staff Reporter January 03, But he added, "I want to propose on the day when I receive my first Best Actor award.

Half a year later, Jung Kyung Ho appeared on a live radio show and made a surprise announcement that he has a girlfriend. They were spotted going on dates in the theater, but while in the public, they did try to conceal themselves as they made sure to wear hats and comfortable clothes.

In the early morning of the 27th KSTa photo allegedly of the front page of the Sports Seoulnewspaper came up online.