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The 3D Concert Experience film, which was released the previous month. Mickey interrogates them and eventually threatens them with a chainsawrefusing to believe they are not working for another company. He is fearsome, greedy, sadistic, and foul-mouthed, and verbally berates and violently beats one of them when they complain that the rings are overshadowing their music and projecting the wrong message.

Matt Stone said some viewers found it so unusual they believed the writers made it up themselves. Consequently, Kenny, hoping she will give him a "B. Stone argued they should focus on the economy because it was the biggest news item at the time, but Parker felt they needed more time to craft the script, and that the Jonas Brothers would be a funny season opener.

Trey and Matt are off to a great 13th-season start.

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Tammy and Kenny remove their purity rings, and Tammy suggests they go to T. Stone ultimately agreed, and later admitted it was the right decision.

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In a television column written before "The Ring" was broadcast, Lisa de Moraes of The Washington Post suggested Parker and Stone were using the Jonas Brothers in the thirteenth season debut as a means of improving the show's ratings; Comedy Central executives insisted Jonas Brothers fans do not fit into South Park's demographic of males between the ages 18 and Pepper appears repeatedly in the South Park Elementary cafeteria; David Hiltgrand of The Philadelphia Inquirer said of the product placement"I never thought I'd see this type of crass commercialism turn up on South Park, which may be the most brazenly iconoclastic show TV has ever seen.

As Mickey once again rants about his true intentions, this time insulting the Jonas Brothers' fans and ChristiansKyle stealthily turns on one of the microphones and Cartman raises the curtain, broadcasting Mickey's rant to both the concert-goers and the national television audience.

Not noticing his delight, she explains that the only reason she did it was because she became aroused after watching the Jonas Brothers perform.

Because Christians are retarded! The Jonas Brothers are parodied in "The Ring" and play a prominent role in felejthetetlen online dating episode's plot.

The show immediately cuts to Kenny's funeral, where the audience learns that he contracted syphilis after receiving a blowjob from his girlfriend Tammy Warner and died as a result.

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When it first came out I was so pumped". For us, we're so focused on what we're doing with this tour and our album, we didn't have much time to see it.

His friends are disgusted by his intent; Cartman claims that "the most bacteria-ridden place on the planet is the mouth of an American woman. The 3D Concert Experience.

As Kenny becomes dull as a result and ceases to spend time with his friends, it is revealed that the Jonas Brothers are being forced to wear and promote purity rings by their boss, Mickey Mouse.

In the end, Disney and Christianity ended up getting a far more severe skewering than the Jonas Brothers. Parker said one of the Comedy Central employees told them that after she took her young daughter to see the concert film, the girl said, "Mommy, my giney tickles".

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Travis Fickett of IGN also particularly applauded the Disney satire, which he said, "elevates this beyond shock humor and into sharp satire. Those characters also frequently watch movies from Netflixat that time an online DVD rental service; the company is referenced in one of the episode's semi-parodies of a Jonas Brothers song "I've Got a Ring" which parodies " SOS ": Entertainment Weekly writer Ken Tucker gave the episode a positive review, showing approval of Kenny's misadventure, saying "thus did South Park ultimately come down on the side of religion and sexual freedom, with lots of big laughs in the bargain Parker also provides the voice of Mickey Mouse in "The Ring".

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Plot[ edit ] To the amazement of all the other boys, Kenny has a girlfriend: When the boys regain consciousness, they are backstage at the Televised Jonas Brothers' 3D concert spectacular at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Concerned for their friend, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman attempt to confront the Jonas Brothers at a televised appearance in Denver; but Mickey, mistaking the boys for secret agents hired by DreamWorks or Michael Eisner to sabotage the televised appearance, tranquilizes them and takes them prisoner backstage.

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The sets included brief audio commentaries by Parker and Stone for each episode, [26] a collection of deleted scenes, and a special mini-feature Inside Xbox: An episode about the economy entitled " Margaritaville " was shown later in the season.

Kenny invites Tammy to go with him to T. Poniewozik said the episode, "demonstrated that the cartoon is best when it focuses on the four kids and when it is driven by a white-hot moral fury". Friday's, a real-life American restaurant chain, is referenced several times as the place where Tammy gave her ex-boyfriend a blowjob.

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The script suggests that the rings are used to subliminally sell sex to young girls, while simultaneously appeasing the ethical standards of their parents and taking advantage of their fearful desire to protect their daughters, as Mickey explains in the episode.

To appease his girlfriend, Kenny reluctantly begins wearing a purity ring. Club gave the episode an A- grade, although he said it tended to become "heavy-handed" with its moral near the end. A can of Dr.

We're, like, 'We have to do something right now.

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And do you know why? Incidentally several actors and actresses connected to Disney have appeared in the Disney-produced Grey's Anatomy, broadcast on a Disney-owned network. Friday's, much to Kenny's excitement. Butters hears a rumor that Tammy is a slut because she gave another male student a " B.

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Instead, they convince the girls to wear purity rings as a pledge to abstinence, and tell them to get all of their friends to start wearing them as well because "That is just the way we roll" a reference to one of their songs.

He said "The South Park writers actually appeared to sympathize, if not side with, the Jonas Brothers It's going on the air in just a few minutes. I didn't have one in high school, and I was still lame. Now I watch it back and laugh and Mickey kicked my ass so I won the episode by being beat up by Mickey Mouse.

When Mickey realizes that the curtains are raised, the crowd turns on Mickey and the Jonas Brothers leave the stage in a huff.

An enraged Mickey grows to an enormous size and begins blowing fire and destroying most of Denver. Modell said he particularly liked the reactions from the young girls at the Jonas Brothers concert, Kenny's enthusiastic response to his girlfriend's promiscuity and the line from the Jimmy Valmer character: Isn't that called a wedding ring?

Parker thought the story was hilarious and worked the exact line into the episode. Friday's after school, at which point she confesses that the rumor about her is true. Because they were unfamiliar with the band, they spent a large amount of time watching Jonas Brothers concert clips online, which they found unoriginal and not very enjoyable.

We kind of need that to work.