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So, it was like a dirt magnet. Stanley, in their catalogs, stated the plane could do the following work tongue refers to the dovetail proper, while groove refers to the socket: Too bad What's My Line is off the air. Perhaps the designer of the 's lever cap was from the southern hemisphere, the moon, or some place like that.

The stops of this plane have a different treatment to them than the does.

Stanley Block Planes

You don't want this plane for working. It's one of Stanley's better ideas, which gained favor from those doing inlay, mounting small door hardware, etc. Stanley Tool Company recently sent me a Stanley No.

Many of the planes are missing cutters and one of the spur blocks. A detachable nose piece is provided, which makes the tool function as a chisel plane.

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For a very brief time, Stanley made some of the planes with the three-lobed spurs that are identical to those used on the 78 and similar planes; this is the model to find, if you can. Check the casting of the pivoting section, where the screw passes through it, for any sign of cracks r kelly dating keri hilson repairs.

Product specifications

Just slightly loosen the lever wheel cap, photo below. A sample dovetail was also commonly provided with the plane almost as if Stanley were trying to prove to the tool buying public that the plane actually works. This fence is often missing the depth stop is too. You only want to own one of these if you're a collector.

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Optional cutters could be purchased: A fence rides on an arm, which can be positioned on either side of the plane. This cast piece stanley 220 block plane dating sim what puts pressure on the blade when the wing nut is screwed tight.

These grooves are engaged by a tacky-looking pressed steel lever, which regulates the iron's set. A washer-like cast iron piece is notched to fit around the strip of metal. This isn't fatal to the plane's function, but if you're a collector you might experience a brain spasm over it. It's sorta the 1 of scrapers.

The fence has two holes, one front and one back, so that an auxilary wooden fence can be added to the plane. It's sort of a hybrid between the 78 and the How would you like that job, planing wood as it came off the saw?

Ahead of each arm is a smaller diameter rod that's held in position with a slotted and flat-headed screw. The head of each screw bears down upon the cutter - one screw forward of the cutter, and one behind the cutter - driving the cutter against the machined area in the main casting.

Thus, some genius at Stanley, Rule and Level, Co. Each stop has two little integral burr-like projections near the end to keep from sliding out of the fence.

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The plane is also very similar to thebut this one has the screw adjusting mechanism and sliding cutter seat that are used liberally on the low angle block planes of the 60 series. These screws each rest in a semicircular depression of the main casting, and these areas can suffer chipping and cracking.

These knobs tend to be a bit more elongated than the rosewood version, something you can't tell unless you've seen both. A2 steel displays a good balance between hardness, toughness and longer edge retention which is an important requirement to me on a job site.

The plane cuts a flared 20 degrees tongue and groove, which most of us recognize as a sliding dovetail. The tool is a very simple construction - a wooden handle unfinished maple until the mid's, and from then on red painted hardwood until it went belly up is attached to a japanned casting.

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To adjust the mouth, a turn of the knob below loosened the tension on the lever which controls the mouth opening. Both the fence and the depth stop each have two countersunk holes drilled through them so that a wooden face may be secured.

It is hard to say a bad word about the Stanley No. Several other manufacturers made a tool that looks practically identical to this one. These rods are often missing from the plane, and unless you can figure out a good use for them, you won't miss them if yours doesn't have them.

It's a tough tool to find. The nose piece is secured to the main portion of the plane with a slotted screw, which often becomes mangled through repeated use. Any milling in the backside of the iron means it's a replacement.

I've seen an example where the sides were chopped down to below the Hand-y grip for some unfathomable reason. The plane came in four different widths, sized by the cutters: The fence on this plane is as long as the plane itself is.

Although this is a nice, functional plane, you may choose to leave this plane for the kiddies, and get a larger one for the mature and muscular you.

Stanley Adjustable Block Plane | WOOD Magazine

Save it for the collectors. Stanley must have foreseen the likelihood of these stops entering the same realm as cam rests, slitting cutters, core box turnbuckles, etc. More filler for this rag. The blade is normally fixed into the holder so that the blade's cutting edge is parallel with the casting's leading edge.

The plane was dropped once some Stanley Einstein realized that the should have had a fence from the start. Block planes are the most popular hand plane sold as well as most useful. Collector alert - watch for re-plated 's passed off as real 's.

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It's impossible to say whether the plane was plated at a later date or whether someone in New Britain was goofing around with some leftover nickel at the end of the day. The original cardboard boxes for this plane are unusually 'spacious' when compared to the tight fits provided on the boxes' of other planes.

The strip of metal extends below the grip and is curved so that it acts like a pressure spring to keep the grip from falling off.

Judging by the number of examples out there, most of which are in a remarkable state of preservation, with many in their original box, despair musta been oozing from each and every workshop that had this ghastly beast counted in its tool arsenal.

A handy, small router for light work. Stupid Plane can no longer remain in that role, the runner-up shall assume the position and do guest appearances either on a televised workshop program decorated in plaid or Vegematic infomercials.

It looks more like the common 78except with the noticeable difference in the cutter's width and that the cutter is skewed.

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Seems as though someone at Stanley had a real bad plane design day on this one. The plane is a flat, rectangular casting, with a vertical portion at the midpoint that is used as a grip and to secure the cutter by means of a simple slotted screw.

An original fence has its hole centered in the casting.