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If the upgrade goes well, then the downtime may be 30 minutes or less.

Security Configuration Guides

Switch config ip domain-name test. Do not set the timeout period to zero because gcta simulation dating Cisco switches that will disable the timeout.

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All other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Finally, using the same password for both the management port and other settings on a switch allows for potential compromise because the password for certain settings e.

Before using SSH on the switch, the administrator must configure the switch with the following commands: These services can be disabled using the following commands.

Maintain the switch configuration file offline and limit access. The logistics of purchasing IOS versions is beyond the scope of this document. Because these layers are not always recognized by their traditional names, the names have been referred to as access or workgroup, distribution or policy, and core or backbone.

This guide does not address dating sites based on astrology birth configuration issues.

Use a unique password for the console line on each switch.


The following commands show an example of this configuration. Switch config no access-list 12 Switch config access-list 12 permit Switch config access-list 12 permit Switch config snmp-server group admins v3 auth read adminview write adminview Switch config snmp-server user root admins v3 auth md5 5ecret-5TR1N access 12 Switch config snmp-server view adminview internet included Switch config snmp-server view adminview ipaddrentry excluded Switch config snmp-server view adminview iprouteentry excluded If SNMP is required for a switch and only SNMP version 1 is available, then the following commands show an example of how to configure the switch with a community string e.

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The two Cisco switches provide combined functionality for the distribution layer and the core layer. This will help tremendously in incident handling and proper log monitoring and correlation.

Week 47: Switch security tips

If possible, replace the switch with a spare switch to perform the upgrade offline without causing a long disruption in network connectivity. Note that if the administrator has upgraded from one IOS major version to another e.

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This may also be possible using a dedicated Virtual Local Area Network. Use AAA features for local and remote access to switch. It should contain descriptive comments for the different settings to provide perspective.

Security Hardening Checklist for Cisco Routers/Switches in 10 Steps

The following network diagram serves as a reference point for this guide. If this step fails, do not proceed, abandon the upgrade and check the server configuration before trying again. The following example sets the hostname to Switch.

The attacker who can collect telnet passwords from network traffic going to a switch may be able to access the switch s management port at a later time. And the best part is, most of the hard work has already been done for you. There are several approaches to doing this, but the simplest is to ensure that the TFTP traffic does not traverse hostile networks.

This interface is a packet sink. The following example shows the command to use to configure an enable secret password e. Next, define a group e. Verify amount of memory. Its general security checklist recommends you: Finally, a security checklist for Cisco switches summarizes the countermeasures.

It will generate Host Unreachable messages that could flood the network unless the facility is disabled. Some of these settings can affect the switch s security.

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Copy the new version using one of the appropriate examples shown below. Neal Ziring and James Houser for their technical reviews, and the office and division management within the System and Network Attack Center for their guidance and patience.

Please e-mail any comments. Choosing a key modulus greater than may take a few minutes. Third, many default settings differ between various IOS versions. The core or backbone layer is the backbone of the network. A combined section of acronyms and glossary for terms used throughout this guide and a reference section are provided.

The guide agrees with some settings on Cisco switches that are enabled or disabled by default; for completeness the guide presents these settings along with the other recommended settings.

NSA Security Configuration Guides – Packet Geek Networks

Configuration hardening entails researching and employing various security measures in your baseline configuration templates.

It does not get involved in extensive packet manipulation. Note that some default settings will not appear normally in a listing of the switch configuration file.

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Note that, for some older Cisco switch models, additional hardware-specific steps may be needed. This account is local to the switch only. Configure logging to include accurate time information, using NTP and timestamps.

This should be limited to a few management systems that administrators will be using to manage the network. Because only some Cisco switches have sufficient flash memory to hold multiple IOS versions, that scenario is not covered here.

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The following countermeasures will mitigate the vulnerabilities of the network services enabled on the switch. Routers, LAN switches and switches with routing capability reside in the distribution layer.