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The clubsplosion begins online dating, episode information

Ash asks if Scraggy is okay, Burgundy says this is bad, and Georgia says that when High Jump Kick fails, the user takes a lot of damage.

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The announcer introduces himself as Freddie O' Martian and will do the live broadcast, as he asks Don George to provide the commentary. Upon his appearance, Montgomery takes notice immediately. There, they run into Ash's other rival, Trip. Ash has Scraggy against Angus' Simisage.

The Clubsplosion Begins!

Stephan wins and advances to the second round. Bianca asks Masaomi if she can touch Throh's muscles, as Masaomi yells at her to not touch Throh.

Stephan asks Bianca where she was going in such a hurry, and she says that she was headed to the Donamite Tournament hosted by Don George. Afterwards, Edmund tells Seismitoad to attack with Brick Break and it slams its arm right into Sawk's gut which he also recovers quickly from.

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He has chosen Pansage for the tournament while she has chosen Gothorita. Angus isn't fazed at all and combs the clubsplosion begins online dating pompadour then commands Simisage to attack with Seed Bomb.

Iris calls that strategy, so Georgia promises she won't forgive Iris if she loses this match. He then calls for Throh to follow him while passing Stephan and the others. Find out next time!

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With that attack, Simisage is defeated. The two then get into a petty argument before Georgia breaks it off and leaves the scene, vowing that she'd show Iris what a real Dragon Buster can do. Stephan brings out Sawk, who is in a kneeling position as he comes out of his Pokeball.

Simisage attacks with Shadow Claw, but misses. It is then instructed to use Low Sweep once Scraggy lands but Ash tells him to guard himself.

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Ash goes to reply to him, but is stopped by Conkeldurr's presence. Trip comments that evolving to make them stronger is very basic, as he takes a picture of his Pokemon. Stephan replies by saying only Trainers who take pride and have heated battles participate in the Clubsplosion tournament.

Ash advances to the second round after winning. Burgundy tells Cilan to see how strong she is to give her evaluation, so Cilan looks forward to it, displeasing her.

Finally Angus decides to end the battle by having Simisage attack with one last Giga Impact. Akkie commands Simisage to use Low Sweep repeatedly on Scraggy.

He says that battles will take place, even in the rain. However, Scraggy counters with High Jump Kick which lands right on Simisage's face which sends it flying backwards. She says to Iris that she knew that she would participate in the tournament.

Pokemon Season 15 Episode 22 - The Clubsplosion Begins!

Edmond explains that with Seismitoad's Swift Swim ability, its speed increases in the rain. However, Edmund notices that Seismitoad is moving slower than usual and asks what's wrong. Scraggy dodges, though Simisage uses Low Sweep, which hits Scraggy.

Stephan looks cocky afterwards saying that Sawk is the best there is. He then commands Seismitoad to use Drain Punch which hits Sawk in the face dead on before he has a chance to dodge it.

The Clubsplosion Begins! | Watch Pokémon TV

Seismitoad retaliates with Brick Break, but Sawk endures the attack. Ash says to Scraggy that they need to do their best, as Scraggy becomes pumped up. Edmond is announced as the gray and cloudy rain man, as Stephan is said to like well-muscled power matches.

Bianca, Trip, Burgundy, and Georgia! He then gives words of encouragement before opening the Clubsplosion tournament officially. The second match-up is Flora vs Cilan, as they both look at each other.

When Ash tries to confront him, Conkeldurr gets in his way. Sawk appears triumphant and the clouds in the sky disappear letting the sun shine through. However, Seismitoad quickly dodges the attack.