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But their lives and personalities are straight out of the one-dimensional Woman Playbook that Perry has become known for: The white single moms tell her how "strong" she is. Unless you're a black single mom like Nia Long, Perry's logic goes: This morning I saw Perry's newest mark-misser, Single Moms Club, in which five single mothers from different test 3 klasisty online dating of life coincidentally cross paths and become friends.

There is no single mom's club. The violence is intended to be comical -- Lytia is "so strong" -- but it's disturbing.

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Olivia Cole writes a blog at oliviaacole. But the blame that the women in this film receive isn't the kind of blame that kids realistically level at their parents: Affection and violence go hand in hand for Lytia, and in a film that is supposedly about self-growth and soul-searching, Lytia isn't allowed to grow beyond that prescription.

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She has one child. Before all the parents including my mom jump up and exclaim over the reality of kids blaming everything on their parents, let me say, "Sure.

Film Review: ‘Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club’

My mother told me once "If someone keeps showing you who they are, eventually you need to just believe them.

Never is there flirtation in her meanness to him.

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Amy Smart's character, Hillary, is told by her daughter to "Stop making everyone leave us. Tyler Perry already prescribed it to her. That when a man wants to kiss a woman, he will? Are you surprised that we believe you?

Tyler Perry Sets SINGLE MOMS CLUB for Next Project; Lionsgate in Talks to Distribute | Collider

Once, she missed the bus and was late getting her children to school, so she accepted a ride from him, but made it clear that it did not mean she was interested.

She is completely clueless about how to care for her own children: In a conversation with the other single moms about sex, she reveals that she has been celibate for a long time.

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However, at the end of the evening, Crews forcefully kisses her. Eventually, at the urging of the single moms, she allows him to accompany her to the movies in a group outing, making it clear that it's not a date, and even flirting with another man in Crews's presence.

Perry makes a point, I would say, of illustrating that the women are shoddy disciplinarians.

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Meanwhile, no one is apologizing to them: Tyler Perry has a problem with black women. It's too late for her character to reject the role of Mammy with this line: Hillary is a divorcee, and the other white woman in the film is single by choice with her decision to go with a sperm donor.

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I'm going to grow up and marry a man and have a family so I don't have to do everything myself like you! Perry claims to have made this movie to support single moms and highlight their challenges, but the majority of the film is spent punishing them and highlighting their failures.

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The scene where Lytia's son shames her for her lack of education was not a poignant moment meant to shed light on the plight of women who have children at sixteen, as was the case with Lytia. In these two women, Perry reveals to us his feelings about black women.


You can tell that Perry thinks he put a lot of thought into the "walks of life" aspect, as the women are ethnically and socioeconomically diverse. In fact, most of the racist, misogynoirist lines were: Lytia's daughter's name was Rashawna.

She has no bad habits. He's a single dad, but he's normal!

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