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Muscle contractions are very common, and most cases of thumb twitching are benign, but ongoing twitching indicate a serious condition. I finally decided to ask my doc friend fresh out of college about it she said its ok and warned me not to spend too much time checking out the Internet for such issues and ask her if I had doubts.

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I am 54 and about one year ago went into a downhill slide you would not believe. The correct underlying cause needs to be diagnosed and treated well. And yes- this includes your thumb. Whenever you are stressed out, your thumb, leg or eye muscles are most likely to twitch.

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Drug side effect such as from diuretics, corticosteroids, or estrogens. Video games — yes, parents were right video games are bad for you!

Twitchy's reply re-confirmed and re-assured my thoughts and Im glad for it. Over-exercising or working out in wrong ways generally cause muscle cramps, muscle spasms, muscle pain, and muscle fatigue.


Get on with your life. HealthHearty Staff Twitching of the thumb is actually the twitching of a muscle caused by the nerve impulse. If you find yourself putting your fingers through all sorts of strength tests, and still not feeling assured that nothing is wrong with your body, then consider this statement from Kristina Lafaye, M.

Do you play a lot of video games?

Is Thumb Twitching Normal or Something to Worry About?

Take a rest for a few days and see if your symptoms change. One day out of utilidades del agua para los seres vivos yahoo dating I noticed by thumb twitching. It leads to thumb twitching.

Are you drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day? Extremely active, weight right where it should be, blood pressure perfect, physical every year with no issues what so ever. A disease called complex regional pain psychicpebbles newgrounds dating CRPSis characterized by intense burning or pain.

The specific vitamin we will be talking about today is vitamin D. If you are a hypochondriac then worry away because you will likely just substitute something else tomorrow.

In our modern day and age, our thumbs are literally forced into awkward positions when we use our cell phones or play video games; this unnatural position may lead to the irritation and inflammation of the nerves and tendons that control muscles of our thumb.

You probably also thought that it was ALS. Tap over the carpal tunnel area.

It just happens and has to run it's course. Join the gym and work your but off. We are talking zero issues and very very active.

As for home care, it depends on the root cause of muscle twitching, but it is generally recommended to drink lots of fluid water, tea etc. During our research we came across a company called NatureWise.

If not, it could cause your muscles to spontaneously spasm. And, I am certain the meds I started taking to help me urinate messed me up more.


Well, the only thing you can do besides exposing to direct sunlight is to take supplementation. BFS, playing video games, and mechanical injuries can all contribute to your symptom.

With that said, if your thumb twitching is associated with not being able do basic things- like screwing a cap or playing a guitar- then you should consult a doctor. It is very common and nothing to worry about. I've been experiencing this twitching of my left index finger and occassionally left thumb for a while now and also had similar twitch below my eyes.

The diagnostic tests for the determination of causes of thumb twitching are numerous. I don't even think about it now. He said it is more common to have the twitch in the facial area, eye, lips, but it happens in the fingers too and should go away on it's own.

Repetitive movements can irritate and tear them, but they can also be damaged by a direct blow; ligaments injuries are also commonly spotted in sports where athletes are required to grab something between their index finger and thumb skiing for example.

A muscular disease, called myopathy, involves weakening of muscles.

Twitching thumb and finger - right hand

As alcohol has adverse effects on the nerves, excessive consumption of alcohol can be one of the causes too. The thumb contains voluntary muscles. Drug side effects might also cause the fingers and thumbs to spasm. Without enough vitamin D, your muscles will begin to spasm.

Pray to God and he will get you through it. Over time, not only does this problem not remit, but other signs of weakness develop in other parts of the body.

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And trust me, I am the farthest thing from a panic type person you will ever hear from. How can you tell if you have it? The most commonly conducted ones are nerve conduction test, specialized urine test, spinal trap and MRI to rule out a brain tumor, spinal cord or disc disease, or injury.

Twitches not caused by disease or disorders benign twitchesoften affecting the eyelids, calf, or thumb. Could it Be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? A genetic disease like Parkinson's syndrome may cause thumb twitching.

What Causes Thumb Twitching?

If this area becomes inflamed, then it can cause involuntary twitching, tingling, burning, and even pain. If you have a pinched nerve in your thumb then this can lead to chronic twitching.

The reason a twitching thumb can really cause worry is because the thumb is a very small part of the body — a digit — and when muscles of a digit be it a thumb, index finger or toe twitch, the digit typically jumps.