Flirted With You All My Life, a song by Vic Chesnutt on Spotify Flirted With You All My Life, a song by Vic Chesnutt on Spotify

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Jason Brown has used mathematics to untangle the authorship of disputed Beatles songs.

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And I appreciate it," he said. But as a musician, I'm constantly exposed to brilliant songwriting. Despite the rigour applied to the research, Brown expects the feedback will be mixed. Dalhousie researchers recently deconstructed dozens of their songs.

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But a new statistical model developed by researchers at Dalhousie and Harvard universities has been used to analyze multiple Lennon-McCartney songs, concluding Lennon likely penned "In My Life. At issue is a claim by McCartney that Lennon wrote the lyrics, while he wrote all the music. And people have strong feelings one way or the other, whether they're musicians or non-musicians, about the song.

Lennon, however, claimed he wrote the lyrics and music and McCartney may have helped with the "middle eight" or the song's bridge. They also discovered some patterns that may not be apparent to the casual listener or even Beatlemaniacs.

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Melody notes, sequences of two notes, chords, sequences of two chords and melodic contour. The composition of many Beatles songs is attributed to Lennon-McCartney. Each category was then further broken down, resulting in categories for data collection.

The researchers also applied the model to other songs of contested authorship such as "The Word" and "Misery," finding it likely McCartney wrote the former and Lennon the latter.

It gives us the tools to analytically look at patterns. Using mathematics and statistics to solve musical mysteries may seem unusual, but Brown said they are alike in many ways.

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The model, which is 80 per cent accurate, found a 98 per cent probability that Lennon wrote "In My Life," Brown said. But on a few songs they disagreed," Brown said of the two British songwriting giants. Aug 08, 5: Then he heard the Beatles. Jason Brown used mathematics to untangle the authorship of disputed Beatles songs.

Their results could be considered somewhat controversial for fans.

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Researchers use math, statistics to solve mystery of who wrote Beatles song A detail of the album cover for The Beatles album 'Rubber Soul'. But that little hyphen can hide a lot.

While it's not a guarantee, he said the data-collecting process used by the researchers identifies patterns in songs rather than subjectively "cherry picking" what to look for.

McCartney, for instance, tends to use vocal leaps of an octave or more in his songwriting — think "all the lonely people, where do they all belong" — whereas Lennon uses a more narrow range. Using the results from the songs with known authorship, they were able to analyze the patterns in the disputed songs to figure out who wrote the music.

The Associated Press It's one of the most enduring musical mysteries: