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Like xoNecole on Facebook. Whose cover will you be copping? His reasons for working out? The June issue is on newsstands now!

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While Jussie Smollett, aka Jamal, looked debonair in a grey suit - minus his shirt, of course. And he was so eager to land the role in the show about the founder of a record label dying of ALS who must choose one of his three sons as a successor, that he took to social media to contact creator, Lee Daniels.

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Don't feel like you don't matter. The trio sizzled as they showed off their toned and muscled torsos with newcomer year-old Yazz, who plays Hakeem, proudly opening his shirt up wide to reveal a ripped six-pack.

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Yazz, 21, opened his shirt to reveal his ripped torso for his cover shot 'If I can help someone else feel less alone, no matter what they're going through, I'm happy to have that opportunity,' Jussie told the magazine. I want to be prepared for the woman God has for me.


The special edition is billed as the "vacation issue" yazz and jussie smollett dating bryshere rightfully so since they have all three actors looking ready to sail into our I would hear things like, 'My dad was never in my life Yale School of Drama graduate Trai Byers was never a model, but you wouldn't know it by his Essence cover.

I am Jamal Lyon in more ways than one. Henson, found out on Monday that Fox had extended Empire's second season from 12 to 18 episodes.

Not when he's on there giving out Tyra Banks-approved smizing. I work out for two reasons: And Essence definitely wasn't stingy with the love either because, on top of the trio cover above, all three of the LyonBrothers also received their own solo covers.

Empire Cast Feat. Jussie Smollett, Yazz

I am Jamal Lyon in more ways than one. So good they did it twice: Inside, the actor behind Hakeem Lyon says he had dreams of being a football player before an injury left him sidelined indefinitely. Trust us, it gets even hotter inside!

I want to be prepared for the woman God has for me.


At one point in his life, he was also interested in being a youth mentor, explaining: Inside, the year-old multi-talented actor, who plays Jamal Lyon tells the story of how his ambition and unconventional approach landed him on TV's most popular show. I jumped on Instagram and direct-messaged Lee and said, 'Sir, I know you get this all the time, but I'm a singer, actor, dancer, songwriter and musician.

Rumored to be dating his co-star Grace Gealey Boo Boo Kittythe year-old who plays Andre Lyon gave up the deets on that sexy body of his, admitting: Wearing a gray suit with no shirt, Jussie's on his cover looking like milk, biscuits and the honey, honey!

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Empire's 'brothers' Bryshere 'Yazz' Gray, Trai Byers and Jussie Smollett shared a front cover for Essence magazine, which also gave each of the hunks their own special cover Trai, 33, Empire's Andre, was elegantly attired in beige slacks and a white shirt, unbuttoned to reveal a glimpse of his chest.

Don't feel like you don't matter. In the cover interview, the year-old shared how Empire has changed his life including making him a potential inspiration for young people who want to come out of the closet.

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It's hardly surprising given the fact that the season one finale on March 18 left 23 million viewers hanging by a thread. Trai, 33, revealed a glimpse of his chest in a cool white shirt for his front cover while Jussie, 32, looked debonair in a grey suit He told the magazine he had met many young fans who told him tales of their hard times.

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