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Usually, neither we nor our service provider will know whom the IP address belongs to, unless you provide us with any data permitting us to identify you while using our website.

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This is done to ensure that the members of our service will use the correct location for local searches and thereby — unless they adapt the location — will find other members. This greatly decreases the coins fluidity.

In cases in which we are obligated by law to store the data for a longer period, they will be deleted after the expiry of this period. Additionally, the data will be used for our service and made accessible to other users, in accordance with their intended purpose for example searching for specific inclinations and interests, match checks to identify mutual interests and preferences.

In this case, your account with the respective provider will also serve as an access to our service. Life opening up digital currencies to being spent on dating and flirting will greatly increase the fluidity and current of the currency and hopefully get some women involved in it too.

Also the majority of holders are men. We will use this to pre-enter this location in your user profile, which you can change. A publicly mine-able beta phase of the coin should be released on or near Friday, November 21st.

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The stored IP data will be deleted by de-personalization, provided they are no longer necessary for the purpose zum flirten coins identifying or preventing attacks. You can menukaarten ontwerpen online dating or delete your data at any time.

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Flirtcoin is a fork of Bitcoin with key changes to stay relevant in the modern networks and with certain aspects to serve a special function in the ecosystem. Flirtcoin provides people with a new and exciting way to use crypto currency to show their interest in each other "Flirting" online!

Creating a Customer Account You are using our service to have erotic adventures and contact other users. Unfortunately, websites are attacked frequently, in order to harm the operators and users for example blocking the access, spying on data, distributing malware like viruses or other illegal purposes.

Two major problems of crypto currencies are that they are primarily used as investment vehicles, not obtained for the purpose of transferring ownership of them for work or goods or to just spread it.

Life and the development of sophisticated tip bots for all social media we hope to increase the use of crypto currencies as tips increasing the fluidity of digital currencies and the exposure of them to both genders. With our social meeting and dating website Flirt.

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Life we aim to provide periodic social outings and a whole social movement that you can use your holdings of the coin to be a part of. As our website is accessible for everyone via the internet, all the information provided by you will be public.

Accordingly, you will be able to use our service anonymously. If you create a customer account and add information to your profile, we are processing the data provided by you for this purpose, to create and administrate your customer account, as well as to enable you to make use of the services related to your customer account.

The legal basis for this is our justified interest in replying to your request according to article 6 paragraph 1 f of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

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The IP address is a unique numeric address, through which your computer sends and receives data via the internet. Flirtcoin is in development and is now in Alpha Test Phase.

Apart from the information required during the registration process, all other personal information will be provided voluntarily. With flirtcoin and Flirt. Regarding this, please refer to the corresponding data privacy policies of Google or Facebook and check the agreements you have consented to in connection with these contracts or separately.

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Our service provider is using the IP address to enable you to visit and use our website, and to discover and prevent attacks on our websites. If you do not provide any data permitting us to identify you such as your mobile numberyou can use our service without us knowing who you are.

The data will be stored until the customer account is deleted. So as a general rule, you will not have to worry we will be able to draw a connection between you and your IP address. Signup via Google and Facebook For an easier signup to our service you can use the corresponding services by Google and Facebook.

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This includes the access date and time. The data will be deleted after your request has been completed. If your request is serving the purpose of concluding or processing a contract with us, the additional basis of the processing activity is article 6 paragraph 1 b of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

During the process of creating a user account, we will be able to identify your approximate location, based on your IP address.

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The more information you provide, the higher are the chances for other users to find you and recognize mutual interests you share with them.

Ways of Contact Whenever you contact us via one of the ways of contact provided, we will make use of the data provided by you to process your inquiry. With the growth of Flirt.

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In cases in which we are obligated by law to store the data beyond this event to fulfill accounting obligations, for instanceor if we are legally entitled to store the data beyond this event in case of a current lawsuit against the user account owner, for instancethe data will be deleted as soon as the obligation or the legal authorization to store the data ceases to exist.

You alone decide what information you would like to include in your user profile. If digital currencies are to go more mainstream both genders will need to be involved equally.